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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnnyusa, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Has anyone having trouble with cut on machine I'm getting stringers, not alot enough to aggravate me. Ive tried everything . i think the deck is the problem too much suction and any fresh cut grass has water in it and it sticks. any suggestions?
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    I have only one customer whose lawn leaves stringers after mowing and it's an over-fertilized fescue. If your problem is clumping, it seems unlikely that excess suction is causing the problem once there's some accumulation. However, too much lift can throw clippings up onto the underside of the deck, or so most of us are inclined to think, including me.

    You might want to order some Mo Deck or something like that to knock down the clumping. At www.mo-deck.com, you can order the stuff, but until it arrives, try Pam or something like that on the mower deck. Both will work, but the cooking spray wears out faster.

    As for the suction, you may want to consider going with a low-lift blade if you feel the stock eXmark blade provides too much suction. I use the low-lifts in spring and in wet growth on the assumption that they won't throw clippings up on the underside of the deck as much as the notched hi-lift blades. The dispersion of clippings isn't quite as good, but I have a lot of small-lot lawns and this isn't a big deal for me, especially now.
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    Mo Deck is Garbage...Don't Waste Your Money.

    on the 52" Tracerhp use an 18" Low Lift Blade and a 16" Low Lift Blade in a + Formation on Each Spindle....That's All the Underpowered 52" Tracerhp Can Handle...Your Stringers Will be Gone Forever.
  4. Mark McC

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    How does it feel to be utterly brain dead?

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