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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1stclasslawns, Sep 21, 2000.

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    That's definately a must to have a multi yera contract, with no provision for cancellation. Also how do they pay? Be ready for some serious bills,salaries,taxes, not to mention everything else like equipment/maintenance. Hope you have a nest egg to draw on. Go for it though!
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    I went from 68 to 133 accts this year and increased my sales by 130%. Heed the words of firebrand if you do take the plunge! I wish i had more buisness and accounting education as those are the things i've struggled through.
    On the other hand, i spend one day a week actually out in the field working and will have all the new equipment paid for shortly. Thats when i can finally pay myself.
    Be certain you want to become a sales/accountant/babysitter/fire putter outer/etc.before you take the plunge. GOOD LUCK!

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    how much time do you have ?if your wanting to expand , i think from now till the date you start this new bid"provided it's in hand" and get you a part timer with the intension of full time. provided..get your paper work in line work him about 20hrs a week...season getting slow you'll probally find a lot of choices for hands.I have never had seen the first person anyone has hired"there are exceptions"that done like you except them to.before you hire someone have a short handbook to hand whomever and get sign that they received one,things that have come up in this forum about having employees should be first:contact with customer were their questions or needs sould been directed to at least until their with you for about a year,stuff like that.as things arise add it to the book. the next employee will just get a longer one. when you add employes you get a whole new set a problems,also what takes you 5 days to do should now take almost1/2 THE TIME .you may only have to add one or most to to cover until you gain a little more.Sorry so long but i like everone else allways have more to say

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