expanded metal sides for pick up

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mack1345, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. mack1345

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    I have a 2004 Chevy and I am looking to see if any one know were I get the expanded metal sides for my pick-up, or do I need to find some one to build them.
  2. seabee1

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    your going to have to have them made ! but be care full the pickup box cannot take any weight or abuse in the stake pocket's .make a rail cap tied together in the front ,completely unitizing the front and side's of the box ,they crack real bad At the corner's were they are welded together .and they steel wont support much weight without bending on top .i seen some nice one's home made out of 1/4x 2 1/2 stainless .not cheap but trick .
  3. mack1345

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    Thank you for the info.
  4. shovelracer

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    These where originally on the bed, I cut off the legs and rewelded them. When they where original they were attached to the safety rack I had. Never any problems. They are lightweight and can be removed in seconds by one person. Yes I made them, and always thought there was a market for them, but never had time to pursue it. Enjoy.

  5. White Gardens

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    If your going to make something, you might want to try and find a live-stock rack to start with. We used to have them on a couple of farm trucks back home for the occasional calf, or a couple of pigs that needed to go to market.
  6. mack1345

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    Thank you very muck that is what I was looking for, and thanks for the info I did not think of that . Keep up the good work. David

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