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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerbrad, Jan 5, 2014.


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    You really need to look elsewhere. I bought mine for 16,500 last year. It's a 2011 model with 140 hours on it. Why buy a brand new machine?

    John deere finances used machines too, from dealers. I take my tractor on all my customers lawns, I have high flotation turf tires that you won't even notice a 4000lb tractor was there.

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    Save yourself 13k


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    27k from the same guys I bought mine from
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    There are several 3320's with cabs on tractor house.com with 72" MMM mounted on them in the pictures. It looks like whoever told you that was wrong.
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    I've been looking at used machines and but don't see the full benefits of buying used yet, at least with cab tractors. The tractor I got the quote for had the mid-mount PTO on it, additional hydraulic hookup and a few other things that I'd have to double check on. All in all, it'd only save me about $6000 or so and with new I get a full warranty on the tractor.

    I'm very picky about used machines, they'd have to be well taken care of and low hours, but I'm not opposed to used if the price is right and the unit meets my standards.
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    a tractor has been the nest investment i have made so far. I went a bit bigger with a 4720 66hp. I use it for plowing in the winter, tree work and any landscaping need in the summer. Bush Hogging has been a great boost in revenue for me. I have a light material bucket as well for loading mulch or moving it on large sites and mowing snow. My JD dealer has also been awesome with anything i need. Cab was well worth the money.
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    Just to give this a little bump up and somewhat of an update...

    The property I have been looking at was originally 5 acres but the current owners split the property and it is now down to 3 acres but for the same price, so I have to talk with a realitor I know and see what the deal with that is. Otherwise, I'll have to look at some other property options.

    Regarding the tractor, it looks like I'll end up with a new 2014 as the 2013s are nearly done. I think I've talked myself up to a 3039R cab tractor (which is the 2014 version of the 3520). I've heard various reports of the 3320 not having quite enough power to run the AC on the cab and decent sized PTO implements at the same time. So I'll have to talk with my dealer about that here in the next couple weeks and get a price on that. If I wasn't so set on running the tractor in the winter, I'd gladly purchase and open station model, but I know for a fact I want the cab. Plus, when I look at resale value, the 3520 cab will have quite a bit more resale value down the road.

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