Expanding into Holiday Lighting

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by SainLawncare, May 12, 2011.

  1. SainLawncare

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    I am thinking of expanding into holiday lighting. Do you have any suggestions on which company to go with? Is a franchise the best and only route?
  2. hotrod1965

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    If you already have a really good client base and are in good standing with the community... then I wouldn't go with a franchise. You will have lower start up costs and most likely will make the same $$$.

    Your biggest concern should be learning how to market and how to install. If I were you, I would keep it pretty simple your first year so you don't get overwhelmed!
  3. LushGreenLawn

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    I'm also looking to get into holiday lighting. My biggest concern is height safety. Everything we do now is on the ground, does anyone have tips for installing lights on 2 and 3 story houses or commercial buildings?

    My guys are fearless, and would climb a building like spiderman if I let them, but I can't have them falling off ladders/buildings.
  4. addictedtolandscaping

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    If you end up using a lift, the company is required by law to provide you with harness' that will have a lanyard that will hook into the basket. My bucket truck also has tie off points. I almost fell off a roof a few yers ago, ok, the fourth time, I finally got down. The next day I went to a tree climbing store and dropped the money on a harness, ropes, etc. I have a few projects that are only accessible by ladder, and end up all the way at the top. You will be surprised how quickly you can make a roof line connection. Then of course back down you go, down comes the ladder, over a couple feet and then back up. Unfortunately, I have nothing to tie off to at these homes, so no other option.

    I do have a few trees that are 30' plus and one project that a wreath is 70 plus feet up. The trees are bucket truck, and the wrath is an 80' boom lift. There are also 19 trees that get done with min i lights at the project the wreath is on, the bucket truck gets used there as well.

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