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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MartinsMowing, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. MartinsMowing

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    i plan on having around 60 accounts next year. Im still in highschool so i have about 5 hours to work daily M-F. 12/day not to bad, they will only take me about 15 minutes each by myself. thinking of getting a buddy to help during spring/fall. These are around 3,000 sqft. with a 48 and 36 WB.

    add about 60 accounts
    up to 125 accounts 25/day with 2 guys

    add up to 125 accounts.. 250 total
    add second 2 man crew 8+ hour days!(out of HS!!)

    the exmark 36 will be new 07
    48 is a bobcat not sure of age...getting it for the right price: free!
    also new will be stick edger, trimmer, blower

    do you guys think this would be a feasible plan? or does it have failure writtin all over it? Im kinda thinking that 125 for 2008 is not going to work because of school. at least till june when i graduate. Also im not sure of the time per yard...it takes me about 20-25 minutes each with a 21" and crap homeowner equipment.
  2. MartinsMowing

    MartinsMowing LawnSite Member
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    p.s. please spare me the your a kid, have a life thing. I have been doing this for 6 years and am just starting to go big, i had 18 accounts this summer. Thats all i kno is hard work. Im happy with my life, despite being extreamly busy this year, i had plenty of time for my friends and my girlfriend (now of 1 year)
  3. huh

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    I would not give you the "have a life speech"

    BUT I will give you the "start a retirement fund" speech

    conservatively invested money can double every 7 years

    10K can turn close to a million by the time you will retire...put away 10K a year for 3-4 years kid......you will never regret it...and you will save a hit on 10,000 in taxes

    do it!

    I wish I had :(......but I still have time :)
  4. MartinsMowing

    MartinsMowing LawnSite Member
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    thanks, i plan on putting away as much money as possible. mainly for retirement but also for slow times. Also i plan to never "retire". I will always have my bussiness..but i will be able to work from a desk, not out in the field. Working ON my business not IN it. where are you putting your money...straight in the bank or some type of plan?
  5. Josh.S

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    I said I was going to put my money in retirement also... but then you will find the next mower for a few thousand... and there went your retirement.. and then you will find another business investment later that cost more money to make more with it... and it just seems like that you never end up saving that much money.. at least thats what I think is happening (and continuing to happen to me)
  6. sunray

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    How about those kids and their never ending costs.
  7. MartinsMowing

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    Im not sure what you mean by this. Im not having kids for years if thats what your saying. or if your talking about me im cheap and barley spend anything on myself. Either way, i have no idea how this relates to my post. It would be nice to get some decent help on this matter. At least the retirement post was helpful to me overall.
  8. adaptivehomeservices

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    I am new at all this too but your goal of having 60 accounts while attending school seems aggressive to me. I will be full time this spring and hope to have 60 accounts. I wouldn't take on any more than that by myself.
  9. MartinsMowing

    MartinsMowing LawnSite Member
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    well if i do 12 a day times a conservative 20 mintues a piece divide that by 60 minutes = 4 hours + hour drive time 2:30 to 7:30 days sound good to me..but i bet you i could do them in 15 minutes.

    adaptive if i where solo full time...i would be wanting to do at least 15-20 a day. Plus it all depends on lot sizes..you could have a postage stamp(my target) or you could have acre lots..so i could have probobly 300 to someone else 100 acre lots and work the same amount of time. Then again im also 17 and can work as hard as i possibly can day in and day out.
  10. adaptivehomeservices

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    My area will take anywhere from 25-45 minutes per lawn. So if you can mow and blow at 15 then I can see how you can make it happen. I am sure it will become obvious this year just how much we can effectively handle. Could be more, could be less but I hope we are both busy!

    I am 34 and can still put in a hard days work...probably sounds pretty old to you but you will still be able to walk upright without wetting yourself when you hit your 30's...lol :weightlifter:

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