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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LA LAWNS, Mar 22, 2003.

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    Sounds pretty ideal to me. hire a new employee, have your wife train the guy/gal, and you go out on your own. thats what my brother and i did. never leave that new guy/gal alone. not for 2 months or so.(this depense on the employee).

    we have a gal working for us now, two weeks on I had to leave for a bid (on the block). I came back she was done picked up cleaned up at the curb ready to go.

    on the other hand we've had guys you didn't want to let weed eat the back yard without you watching them. They don't last long.

    I love it when you find a good one.
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    LA Lawns: I too am looking to expand. I'm a solo opp and would like to add a man and a mower. but where is the line? I am asking myself the same questions you are. Taxes, more bills, basically a lot more outgoing expenses than income. I guess i'm going to see how things go this spring and play it by beer. i mean ear. Good Luck to ya.

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