Expanding through telemarketing.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by trimmasters, Aug 14, 2005.

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    My Lawn treatment company has had great success expanding through telemarketing. We have built our own systems to manage this in house as opposed to outsourcing to control costs and have maximum flexibility. I want to finding out if anyone would be interested in our services to expand there own business?
    Our basic process consists of contacting each prospect and offering the prospect a free lawn analysis and estimate. If they except we further qualify the prospect by finding out if there using a current service, who that is and if there willing to say , what they are paying. We then go through and verify there address and find out if there are any unfriendly pets on the property. Only when the prospect completes all this information do we consider it a solid lead. At this point we would send the lead to you to run and sell the prospect. We always try to sell onsite if they are home or if not we follow up with a telephone call the next day to sell the service.

    We could get the leads only for a flat fee per lead or get the leads and market them for you once the estimate is completed. Close rates seem to be anywhere from 20% - 50% or more but of course depend greatly of the sales skills of the person running the lead.

    Please note at this point I am not offering services but want to see if there would be enough interest to warrant it.

    What do you think?

    Thank You.
    John Bell
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    You can shove that Shizt where the sun don't shine. I just wish I could reach thu the phone and rip telemarketers throats out. Besides it's against the law in this state if your on the list which I was the day it came out.
    Besides if you want to advertise on this site you need to contact Sean. The link is provided on the home page. I imagine your post is about to disappear.

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    it aint a bad idea....its just an idea that has seen its time come and go........chemalwn barefoot lawn doctor and others have done it to death, so much so that i get customers by guaranteeing them i wont telemarket them 19 times a year or give out the phone number

    and when i worked for a comapny that did the tm 10 years ago i always hated most of the customers/lawns that came from it.............price shoppers and nitpickers...in short PITAS.........YEAH WE SET EM STRAIGHT REAL QUICK,,,,,,,,,,BUT MAN DID IT SUCK.........I PERSONALLY BLEW UP AT THE OWNER (PRESIDENT ) OF THE CO AND ALL THE TM PEOPLE AT THE MAIN BRANCH., AND FLAT OUT DEMANDED THEY STOP TMing for my branch . my branch had 800 plus customers and only 2 guys running it . there are much better and more profitable ways to get customers.
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    Leadarrows, I agree its never been my favorite thing to do, But im in business to make money and am not going to lose customers because someone at another company that wasn’t afraid to pick up the phone got them. It’s real easy to filter out the do not call lists. Infact I think it makes it easer on those calling because the people that don’t respond to telemarketing calls sign up for the do not call list. Therefore you’re left with people that are more receptive to your marketing. also , like I said I am not advertising just interested in getting feedback at this point.
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    You took my criticism pretty well. I'M impressed. I guess sense I don't get the calls anymore I should just calm down about it huh? LOL So good luck to you. It's not for me thou.
  6. trimmasters

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    To be honest with you, I would have thought its time has passed, but the response rate says otherwise. I think the key is to be friendly yet professional and not push. Threes to many people that are interested to try and persuade those that aren’t . sometimes I get the feeling that some on here aren’t really interested in growing a large company and want to stay small. Which is fine but not where I want to be. Im young (23 now) and want to see how big I can get, I have time.

    As far as better and more profitable ways to get customers – I agree and disagree – yes direct mail has better retention and sometimes better $ per customer in sales – but the upfront cost seems to be 3 to 5 times that of telemarketing and the response rate is much lower. Plus the lower per customer dollar value can be made up and then some with an aggressive up sell campaign. Plus I feel route density can be better controlled when telemarketing. Id rather have 2 $35 dollar apps next to each other than to $40 apps across town.

    Leadarows , I have been criticized since I was little so I guess I have had some practice lol. I have always been the type to try to resolve a conflict, even if someone dose not agree with me I much rather have there respect and also respect there opinion than have another enemy.
  7. DiscoveryLawn

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    Trim Master
    How much are thinking about charging per "qualified lead"?

  8. lawnservice

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    no doubt that telemarketing is and will probably always be a source of new sales in the lawn care industry. Like already mentioned the do not call list can be an advantage.

    every company out there claims to have 'systems' in place to generate many qualified leads.

    curious trimmasters, what will you do (or plan on doing) differently than say yes marketing or americalist?? (we have used both of these companies with results far below what they claim should be the norm)
    Best we have done with telemarketing is hire a local company, sat with them on several occasions, worked with them on a script, listened in on a few of their callers, and we did fairly well.

    the way trimmasters is doing it is probably the best way, in house. so i can see how trimmasters got good results with his in house calling. But, when you market this service as a seperate business.....how will you raise the bar from the other established companies selling this service??

    then put me on your list of 'possible interest'
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    Here's an idea...hire someone to go through your client list and oput all of THEM on the do not call list! :)
  10. Blade

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    How much per lead?

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