Expanding? Whos doing other then?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ECHOTURF, May 8, 2003.


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    Currently we are providing lawn care, salt sales and snow removal to our customers.

    What I'd like to know is what is everyone else doing besides lawn care either with their current business or second company making a profit? We would like to focus are profits into either a related industry or one of our hobbies to gain additional income. I thought about the Christmas lightning thing but don't see much income out of that and it would also be seasonal. We looked at buying into a hobby store chain and they want $150K to start!

    Ideal setup would be something we can roll into without a large initial expense. Adding sidewalk and road salt sales helped about $2k a year and it's was easy to roll into.

    Any suggestions or comments welcomed.

  2. MacLawnCo

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    If you dont think there is money in the christmas lighting, you are grossly mistaken. One of my clients has it done and they pay in excess of $1000 for their house per year, plus lights. I wish i had a pic, but it is very elaborate.

    They put up the lights before thanksgiving each year, and take them down sometime in Feb. With that kind of a window, you can do a ton of clients. What else are you doing with your lawn guys anyways? www.christmasdecor.com is who my client uses (one of their francises).
  3. Randy Scott

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    That doesn't mean anything? You have no idea what time and materials are involved with the light installation. Therefore, you canot make the statement about how much money there is in Christmas lighting.
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    Idealgreen, I'm just getting into lawn care. I've been doing decks and fences plus any other small remodeling jobs I can get. I'm now focusing on lawn care ,and adding pressure washing into the mix. I am currently doing a job of pressure washing a split rail fence ,patio ,and driveway. After washing the fence and concrete I'll seal both. This is a profitable business ,doesn't require much in the way of equipment and can be done by one person. With all the decks and wood fences ,they are all going to need cleaned and sealed. The only downside is you still have to deal with the weather and it isn't something you would do in the winter.
  5. crazygator

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    Why not just try and add to your current list of accounts in the green industry side?

    Or add services to it that will make you the complete 1 stop shop.

    You are already in this side, why add something else completely different?

    Just my thoughts!
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    Just curious, what are the hospitalization costs for a broken arm, shoulder or leg. The jobs for X-mas lights are for the two and three story houses. It's not the fall tha hurts, it's that sudden stop at the end of the fall tha gets you.

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