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  1. ohmiller

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    I've got away with using 21" push mower and string trimmer but am looking to purchase a zero turn. I Mow residential lawns now but want to expand into bigger properties. Don't want to spend a fortune and need something that can handle rough terrain. I now the demand for mowing is good in my area and I believe average hourly wage are $45-65. What sort of mower and what is reasonable price per hour
  2. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    I believe you answered both of your questions already. First you stated you have gotten by with a 21" and dont want to spend a ton of money. Therefore, just go down to your local commercial dealer and ask them what they want for the rock bottom cheapest commercial mower they have. Then you will know what tonage you need to spend. If that is still more than you want to spend, you still have the option of Home Depot or similar or Purchasing a used commercial ZTR.

    Your second statement was average hourly wage is between $45-65. There is your answer believe it or not.
  3. lawnsplus

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    Just go with a 36" or 48" walk behid with a sulky, then upgrade in a year or two to a ZTR it makes more sense to walk before you run.
  4. ohmiller

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    Thank you cutinedge and lawnsplus for your feedback. Walking before you run makes sense however my largest lawn to date is about 5 uneven terrain acres. Would a 36" or 48" walk behind make sense in this application. I want to buy a mower that will allow me to seek larger jobs. I think it would be better to get a rider. What do you think about toro lawn tractors Lx420 or similar model. I need a mower that will allow me to expand I am thinking 3,500 for a good starter mower. Another question I have is this: a zturn mower is more efficeint then a riding tractor mower so would you charge more if you had zturn?
  5. tlwmsu

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    5 acres and you only have a 21" push??? :walking:
  6. FinerCutslawnCare

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    If you are getting buy with a push, then I would get a 36" or a 48", the 48 will mow more faster, but the 36 will fit into fenced in back yards....I agree you should wait 1 or two more years to get a ztr, that is my .02 worth!
  7. daveintoledo

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    dont go to home depot or get anything else that is a homeowner model...... wont last the season..... for a new z your looking at 5 to 8 thousand.....
  8. ohmiller

    ohmiller LawnSite Member
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    admit was little misleading. Have been offered 5 acre job if I get bigger mower. For several years I have been a fine maintenance landscaper and most clients have lawns on the smaller side. This year I would like to expand my lawn care side of the business because I can make bigger chunks of money. Would love to get a zturn but think I should get a commercial grade lawn tractor at this point. i also have to purchase a trailer to haul the new mower. I have 5,000 to 6,000 to spend and want to use it wisely. Thank everyone for there support.

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