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    Hey guys,
    I have a few questions about expanding. I myself am not ready yet, but would like o in the future. I'm talking about to other areas. There are some very small towns around me, 1500-2500, but they are nearly a half hour away. My town is only 13,000 in population as of 2000. Piqua, Ohio is about a half hour away and has 20,000. Richmond, Indiana is about a half hour away and has 30,000. How would you go about expanding to different areas like this. Do you slowly build customers and drive there for a job or two until doing so. That's one unpaid hour of driving. What do you guys think. Thanks for any ideas.

    -Nick Howard
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    < From columbus, Ohio. I know what you mean bout the small town blues, I would say try to secure a contract there weither res or comm. Then expand off it. But it should pay for that hour you may possibly lose.
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    im assuming you have crews and its not just you... because it would be different... if it was just you and maybe one employee, id say get as many large commercial accounts there as possible and drive to them until you are ready... otherwise... hmm.. ive never done this.. but im trying to think of the best possible way.. to minimize the transition... i would say to unleash a massive amount of advertisement all at once... i mean alot... before/after you move. no matter what your gonna hurt for a bit... weather its from driving there and wasting m/h, or opening another branch and the slow acquisition of accounts. its the transition that hurts, and the transition would be minimized by a massive onslaught of advertising. thats what i think at least.

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