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    I've been mowing for about two years part time and now I want to go full time. I have roughly 25 solid customers at about 30.00 a cut, once a week. I have a 48" and 61" walk behind, push mower, two trimmers, edger, blower, 6X12 trailer, and it's all paid off and in good shape. I live in an area that is growing like crazy and am confident I can pick up more clients. Do you think I am in a position to go for it? I have insurance and have never advertised, all my customers are word of mouth. Is it out of line to let them know I am expanding and am looking for more business through recomendations. Their recomendations will be rewarded with discount cuts for example. Am I on the right track? Let me Know Thanks
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    Good to hear you are doing well with your business.
    I don't think with what you have you could do this full time yet, but that's not to say you couldn't pick up enough customers to do so.
    Right now with your 25 customers, at $30 each, say the season is 30 weeks, that's only $22,500 GROSS for the year with the mowing. Then subtract your costs, and what does that leave you.
    You have to know how much you can live on first, I really don't know your situation. I would say start advertising more, and see if enough work comes in, but keep working at it part time, until you know you can get enough work to support you. Might not be a bad idea to work another year part time, save as much as you can, advertise like crazy, and be set for next year. With a little pillow of income to fall back on in case of drought or bad season your first full time season.
    The main thing is to start advertising, and getting the word out that you are looking to expand. Then, your current customers you can offer a referral program to entice them to help you spread the word about you and your work.
    Advertise though, otherwise no one will know about you!

    Good luck, and let us know how you do!

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    Thanks for the response. I am definately going to start advertising through both flyers and referrals. I am going to start soon and see how it goes. I recently got hired at a new job about an hour away and it requires me to move, so If I can't go full time with the mowing, I don't think I'll be able to keep it going. I really don't want to pass up and oppurtunity to make a go at it, so I'll have to see what kind of response I get from my flyers and customers. If you have any more advice or ideas on how to best get clients, let me know. Thanks.
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    As usual I agree with Twins...I think you have a good sized part-time busines and I would spend the next year or two recruiting more clientele. I would feel comfortable with about 60 accounts before I went full time and thats just to support me! It all depends on the value of your accounts and it depends on your overhead, and bills. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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    Your in the same boat I was last year. Make sure you have 6 months of bills paid in your savings, Advertise & Advertise, Don't let anyone talk you out of it and go for it. It's the best thing you'll ever do. NO MORE WORKING FOR THE MAN.
    Good Luck :jester:

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    Thanks, I've been saving and I'm about to that point. You said you went that route last year. Did you come upon any unexpected problems? Costs you did not anticipate? I've been trying to cover all the bases, so far I think I'm in good shape. I've got insurance on the business and dissability for me. My equipment is in the best shape it can be. I think I'm good to go. Do you have any additional suggestions from your own experience? Thanks
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    Here what i do with customers. 2 refferals get a free cut.

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