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    Let me introduce myself because I am a new user to this forum. My name is Jason and I live in Texas. I have been mowing yards and earning money for about 6 years now and I am beginning to feel that my work is unfulfilled. Can anyone give me advice on what I would need to do to expand my business. I need information on the following aspects of the business:

    - What kind of equipment should I purchase and from
    - How do I go about hiring employees to work for me and
    what do I look for in an employee.
    - How much do I pay an employee.
    - What legal procedures need I take to become a certified
    - What is the best method of advertisement.

    This and any other information you see important to starting and operating a succesful lawn care business would be very beneficial to me. Thankyou for your time and consideration.


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    Utilizing the SEARCH function will get you most of the answers you are looking for.
    My question is- why do you feel so unfulfilled?
    Are you not making enough money? Are you bored working alone? Are you tired of all the headaches?
    Maybe you are in the wrong business.
    It's not for everyone, you know.:confused:
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    Use the search function on this site, and you will find answers to all the questions you asked above...and more

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