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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heygrassman, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. heygrassman

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    I just took delivery of 5 palets of sod (bluegrass) on Sat. and installed 1 pallet on Sat and 1.5 today. It was watered well on delivery and again last night. By the time I got to the 3rd palet it was pretty rusted. I can not believe that it was from sitting overnight and the thach was still wet. Also, I found grubs. At least 3 larvae and a couple in the beetle stage. Is this normal? Any reason I can not start IPM including grubs treatment after just laid?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Turfdude

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    A couple grubs in a pallet is not worth getting alarmed over. It is well under the threshold amount for damage to occur. With it being warmer out, you should have installed the sod immediately. The sod will definately be very hot in those rolls overnight. It doesn't take that long even for one peroson to install 2500 sq. ft. especially if the pallets were spotted. I would be more opt to apply a fungicide w/ the new sod w/ sum,mer installs since clients sometimes have to water twice daily for the sod to knit.
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    just pour on the water it will be ok. I put some down that got fried to a crisp it looked dead and I was going to replace it. well a week later is was kinda green now 4 weeks later you can not even tell it was brown. just pour on the water till its mush it will come back
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    Harry D,

    Did yours get fried due to it drying out or from sitting on a pallet overnight for a couple days? Here in Jersey our sod comes folded over on the pallets and the sod company writes on every invoice that it must be laid and watered in 12 hours. If left out in the heat of the summer sun, the inside of the pallet will get reallllll hot, real quick. If it gets hot enough youll burn the roots of the plants.

    Had to store 1/2 a pallet for two days last 4th because we knew this one area was going to be killed out from all the foot traffic. When I installed it on the 5th you needed gloves to be able pick up the sod from all the stored heat. It struggled and some pieces still died and had to be replaced. If left on the pallet for 48 hours I seriously doubt it would have made it.

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    As stated before, any cut sod must be installed the same day for it not to get damaged in some way. Will it come back, nothing that a ton of water won't fix 85% of the time.

    What we do if need be is take the rolls and open and leave open on cement. Also immediately apply water. It's the only way to temporary store sod. You should see my driveway when I do this.
    First time I did this, they all thought I had took out my driveway.
  6. Mike Bradbury

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    Sounds like a heck of a mess. How do you get it back up after watering it well (soft and heavy)?

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