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    Dear Hustler,

    I am putting together a report for my banker. I would like to know what the expected life span is for a well kept machine. I know there are tons of factors, but I would at least like an educated guess from Hustler and other readers. Conditions are below.

    2007 Hustler 60" XR7 27 Kawi LC
    Runs 4-5 hours per day cutting normal Bermuda, Centipede, Etc.. in North Florida. Machine will be maintained under Hustler Specs and Recommendation's. Please give me an idea as how to figure the life span for replacement. :confused:
    1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 Hours ??? I need some help here.


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    It really depends on all of the above along with operator treatment of the unit also.
    I would think you would go 2000 plus hours with no major issues, but then again there are many variables in achieving that or higher hour equipment life.

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    I know this is a Scag Turf Tiger but it should be a comparison. I want to think the Hustler will hold up as well.

    I have a lady friend that has been in the business a long time and she told me she had a Scag TT (she runs Hustler also) that the engine went down on last week at 3200 hrs. She said, "I can drop an engine in the mower and there is really no way to tell how much longer the mower will cut grass because everything else seems to be in wonderful condition".

    I know another LCO that had a Bobcat with over 4000 hrs. on the original engine. I don't like to look at the same thing that long personally but this gives you an idea of how long they can be productive.

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