Expending With Tree Injections?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by whoopassonthebluegrass, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    As the economy has brought me to that old adage "innovate or die", I am considering doing tree injections.

    We have copious amounts of bores in our trees here, and heavy chlorosis issues.

    So my questions are these:

    * Who is currently offering this service?
    * Are you making money off it?
    * Where to start?

    Also, if you're of the soil-injection fan club, why?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Az Gardener

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    I know the guys that do the deep root feeding here make a mint. I have used the Mauget tree injectors and they do wonders for palms. Very simple to use on palms as you don't have to hit a cambium layer.
  3. Runner

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    I have looked into the Arborjet system and have considered it. There is an initial cost, but would probably quickly pay for itself. I would think that you could make a bunch just from imidicloprid, itself. I know it sure pays for foliar feed.
  4. I just started doing "palm drenchings" for palms that need more than the granular slow release fert. that are highly lacking iron,manganese, and magnesium.I charge a minimum of $30/tree for a tree that is 15 ft. or more, and $25/tree for 15 ft. or less. If the palm is highly lacking, I usually charge and extra $5 or $10/tree. In my opinion, it is a great upsell and shows the customer that you know more than the average "yard guy" and really care about getting their property in its best shape......

    I know you don't have palm trees where you live, but why not add it as a service???
  5. whoopassonthebluegrass

    whoopassonthebluegrass LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Sweet. Now I just need to find customers with palm trees that grow at 4,600 ASL. :waving:
  6. ^lol....i meant tree injections(not palms)......
  7. phasthound

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    We do a lot of soil drenching with bioloigally active products for maintaining the health of trees & shrubs. It's very profitable and provides good results.

    For 20 years, I used synthetic ferts and "deep root fed". Getting better results now. During that time, I also treated 1,000's of trees annually for borers with pesticides. I can tell you that you will make money doing that until the tree dies, and it will because borers are there to finish off declining trees. An exception is invasive species of borers, then it may be effective and ethical to provide prophylactic treatment.
  8. FdLLawnMan

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    I used the Arborjet gun this year for the first time due to EAB coming and iron chlorosis on some trees. Very easy to use and the results have been positive. I bought the starter kit which is enough for me this year.
    In my opinion and that of the university from my state deep root feeding is not recommended. Plant the tree correctly and put a good mulch over the roots and you are good to go is what they say. Deep root feeding in a misnomer anyway. The feeder roots are only 12 inches down anyway.
  9. As far as palms go here in Florida with our sandy soil, you can plant them correctly and mulch all you want, if the palm isn't getting the nutrients it needs and the slow release granular isn't enough, it needs the liquid drenching. It's not an actual fertilizer, just higher counts of iron, magnesium, manganese, and sulfur, which are the main nutrients that palms lack. I just did this for a new customer who has two Queen Palms about 3 ft. from each other. The one is completely healthy with perfect foliage. The other is shooting out stubs, frizzled and necrotic. It's amazing. Just met with a new potential client last night with the same problem on some Foxtails. The one on the right is perfect, the one on the left looks like hell.
  10. Az Gardener

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    try the Mauget injectors, very simple and a minimum of a years worth of nutrients at least for here, sometimes longer.

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