Expenses for Isuzu maintenance

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowin4cash, Jan 14, 2001.

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    Hey guys. Just thought I would share what I learned yesterday at my local GMC truck dealer. I was in there to look again at the GMC W-4500 (Isuzu NPR-HD). For some reason, I felt I should go and talk to the service mgr. about these trucks. He took me on a tour of the facility. They had these cab overs packed inside the shop. I said, Wow, I didn't think they ever broke down! He laughed and said what an odd time for me to visit. "They hardly ever come back in." Seems like these trucks were obviously abused. Anyway, one was in for an engine rebuild. Only had 150,000 miles on it. That bill will cost the owner about $8,000.00. If they just replaced the 4 cylinder diesel, it would cost about $12,000.00. A clutch in another truck was "only" going to cost about $900.00. Do you guys on this forum who own these type trucks ever run into these very high prices? These prices make me reconsider buying one of those trucks.
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    I think it would make me re-think the same thing, or make sure you leased one and it was always in warranty.
  3. $8k to rebuild a 350 small block?

    These engines are the cheapest to rebuild of any kind of automotive engine. A new crate engine should be only $2500.
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    Stone, this $8,000.00 was to rebuild the 4.8 liter 4 cylinder diesel. They told me not to get one with the 350 gas, said the Chevy tranny was junk, and the 350 engine had less towing power than the diesel. But for $8,000.00, I could by alot of trannies and small blocks. Guess I'll have to make do with my Dogde Dakota.
  5. They are FOS. Those Isuzus are rated at 11k gvw and can carry 3 tons. Do you plan on have 3 tons in the bed of the truck most of the time.

    They have stump pulling 5.13 rear axle ratios. They are perfect trucks for local work in tight areas. Motor fuel is now .30 cents more per gal than gasoline.

    Why buy a new pick for the same price as a real truck with a 14 foot bed with a better turning radius?

    Price what a replacement starter costs for that jap oil burner vs. a v-8 chevy engine.
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    Hey again Stone. Hey I'm on your side. I like the Chevy 350. I think it is a marvelous engine. I just wanted the diesel for the better fuel economy. Plus it should last alot longer when taken care of. Maybe they didn't want me to buy the gas model 'cause they may make more money off the diesel, I don't know. What type of mileage do you get off of your gas unit? Oh, by the way, the model that I am looking at is the GMC W-4500 (Isuze NPR HD) It has a gvw of 14,500 lbs and has an axel ratio of 5.375. Also, I've asked numerous folks about towing a 16' to 20' enclosed trailer with one of these trucks. I know the 350 will do it, but what do you think about the little diesel?
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    If you want to have a hart-a-tack ask what a brake job costs .
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    brakes are a weak spot on those trucks,they will not stop there rated GVWR safely from anything above 30 or so,again these are great local or city trucks.
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    Hey guys,
    I own a '97 w-4. I did go thru the first set of brakes way too fast, and they ain't cheap, but I only drive in the city with a load on. My brake job was about $200.00. Other than that, I love my truck. I have a 350 and my dealer actually talked me into it. He is a friend of mine and he said he would love to make the extra off me but the gas would work just fine for me. His explanation was much the same of what was being said here. He said that the 350 may not last as long but that I could put a new one in for a whole lot less than what the interest on the difference would be. I don't put on lots of miles (4K/yr). This has something to do with my decision too. I can say the pulling ability of my turck is just fine. My town is very hilly, I put 2 ton of fertilizer and a 3k lbs trailer a jd4400 tractor(3500lbs) and another utility cart and it pulls just fine. The way the truck turns is awesome. I highly recommend one. I do a whole lot more with less stress with this truck.

  10. morturf

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