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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by weed wacker 2, Feb 7, 2010.

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    4x4 option in Canada is on average 3K. I'd love to only pay $1500 for the 4x4 hardware! But, nothing new there, us Canucks always get ripped off. Even on GM trucks, when they were still produced here in Ontario, it'd be the same price to order one through a US dealer, pay taxes, customs brokerage fees, etc, than to buy one locally.

    A lot of vehicles I wouldn't mind considering, I can't, only because 2wd isn't an option. The main problem is trim level, a lot of times most vehicles can be had with next to no options, but when a Canadian dealer orders a vehicle, even in base trim, it's still $4-6K more than what you could find a similar truck in the US for.

    Jumping up a class to a medium duty, such as F450, 550 or a GM C4500 for instance will be in the $65K+ range in Canada, that's with no box, so add on another $4-15K for that. With taxes included it'd easily tip the scales at $100K.

    A fully loaded dually in Ontario can run easily into the $70K range.

    As for a truck being a luxury car, I think that answers itself, as comparing a truck with a 'car' as mentioned, makes no sense. A guy won't cross shop a Mercedes, with an F350 dually, lol. If he does, I'm sure he's twice divorced, lives by himself and has mental issues.
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    My next rig is going to be a freightliner FL-50, big truck, but not too big, and still much cheaper than any one ton or f450 or f550, and plus I will get the awesome freightliner engine or CAT engine? WHy are these so much cheaper than a one ton? Probably because not as big a market for the FL50 as a normal one ton. I have come to the conclusion that around here i dont even need 4wd, with all that snow we just had, not once did I have to engage the front wheels, and I even pulled a few cars out of ditches, A 2wd FL50 with a flat bed or a small dumper will do me fine. Ive even seen a used 2004 with 40K miles on sale for less than $15K. What kind of one ton could I get for that..not much!
  3. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Good point. Trucks like that were designed to last 1,000,000 miles. For $15K why not?
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    The problem with truck prices is that trucks are becoming more like cars. You can't buy an extended cab truck without adding power everything. trucks now come with every option you would find in a Mercedes or BMW. heated seats, cooled seats(although I do love mine in the summer, keeps em nice and cool) heated, power folding mirrors, heated windshield, power seats, 6 disc Bose sound systems, hydraulic body mounts and magnetic suspension, luxury styled interiors, sunroofs, satellite radio, satellite navigation, some even have WI-FI built into them, and some have computers built into the nav system. this is why prices have gone through the roof.
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    Exactly. Basic HD trucks are becoming almost non existent. This is mainly due to consumer demand. The people who have the money and don't need a truck, but one, so GM builds to suit that market segment because adding options means more profit for GM. This is one of the many reasons why the economy tanked to begin with. Not to start a flame war or anything but everyone's wants outweigh the needs.

    I attribute this factor alone to why a lot of small businesses fail within the first year. Owners spend more than they make and don't realize their fault until its too late. Not only that, but they're so thick that they'll lease a BIG LOADED TRUCK, car, whatever, only to save a couple hundred bucks a month if they had financed. So, after 8 months, Bob loses his business and is still responsible for paying a $1500/mo truck payment. Or, they'll buy a new truck, and be scared to even get it dirty. It's a shame.
  6. deerewashed

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    ya an xl f-150 ext cab has power windows and its xl...and may i add it has power windows in the back seat of the ext cab
  7. JB1

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    everything is expensive, everybody has got different ideas on this, myself all I buy is new trucks, I know what I'm getting that away. They all are the same color and lettered the same and look good. I like to look good when we roll, yes they are expensive but if your charging what you should be its not a problem.
  8. 360ci

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    A lot of larger operators buy new to get the fleet discounts available, order the trucks to their specs, and they know the previous maintenance!
  9. MikeKle

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    The power options are great, but I would really prefer the basic truck with roll up windows and manual locks. But to get a truck like this you have to buy used or move up to medium duty, they do not have all that luxury crap on them, I think they still use the vinyl bench seats and rubber flooring too?

    If Im not mistaken you can still buy any truck new like this, you just have to order it that way usually, and those are normally exempt from any special deals or promotions they are offering, so in many cases, it may be cheaper to actually get the loaded truck when you factor in the promotions and deals.

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