Expensive vs cheap?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Liendeni, Apr 27, 2008.

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    This may be the same thread as large lots verus small but I am wondering what the common thought process is (maybe the same...sorry) of expensive homes versus cheap?

    What I mean by that is everybody seems to want the upscale estates but do you see more profit in the cheaper homes?

    I am new to the green industry but I seem to be learning the hard way. The cheaper the outer view of the home...the greater the per minute hourly wage seems to be, meaning my lowest profit is with the most expensive homes.

    Am I alone????
  2. hackitdown

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    All my best customers have modest homes. I'd rather cut a 10K sq/ft lawn for $45 than a 30K sq/ft lawn for $60. Clean-ups on small lots seem to be more profitable. Since I am solo, a small lot usually has smaller mulched areas, so I can do them easily.

    I prefer non-picky customers. Customers that buy expensive homes in upscale neighborhoods are very concerned about details that the regular guy in his 1970's ranch just doesn't care about.

    I guess it would be different if I had 10 employees to keep busy.
  3. CAG

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    we do a lot of commerical accounts that are low income housing and by far they are the most profitable for us. some of them are 50/50 dirt grass but they get cut every week weather or not they need it till we hit 26 cuts.. never any need to dubble cut, or bag.. if the guys happen to miss a spot no big deal, all steep banks get cut bi weekly. trash and broken glass are never a problem because the maintainece guy at each property picks up the grounds everyday. i dont think i would like to be doing them in the town i live in or if one of the propertys was next to a upsale account but they are in pretty much in a low income city.. we only have 6 condos that i would consider up scale and they are a pita the a$$ and not as profitable but the upside is you can get a good business image and refference form those propertys. plus when your finished cutting the guys can look at the property and say damn that looks good which they enjoy but to me its about the numbers..

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