experiance with car dealerships???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by j&c, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. I have been asked to bid on some auto dealerships in the area for there total lawn care. I know what I need to be profitable but has anyone here had any dealings with this type property and if so are they good to do bis. with??
    not a lot involved from the one I visited today just cut up right much mostly bed refresh and a little trim work.
    but a lot of blower work you know for the asphalt areas and such
  2. i_plant_art

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    car dealerships are the worst. you know how hard it is to go in a buy a car and then feel like you got a good deal. same thing for doing the maintenance for them. care dealerships are out to do nothing but make $$$ even if it is off the guy who mows the turf. the want nothing more than the LOWEST price. PERIOD well most of them at least 99% of them. plus its a HUGE liability if you have guys working for you. the chance of running equipment into the new cars, rocks flying, possibly scratching them, all the blowing - in and out b/t the cars to do this (blowing) scratch hazard big time. then if something does happen it would be ur fault, even if it happened when you were not there a scratch found on a car next to a turf area is automatically the landscapers issue. no questions asked, what can you do about it then NADA its your word against theirs, and like i said b4 they are out to make money, therefore you fixing the scratch doesnt come out of their bottom line. I have a policy i do not do not do not do ANYTHING for car dealerships, too much of a pain in the past and way to much of a liability. not to mention even if i were to bid on them they could not afford me b/c of the X factor i would have to factor in in the event something did happen it would bankrupt me. Now im sure there are others here with different opinions and thats cool we all have our own this is just my policy/ecperience with them.
  3. wrightlawn

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    why does everybody have such a bad attitude about people that "all they want to do is make money"?
    isn't that what we are all out here to do also?
    i'd like to make all the lawns in the world look good to but when it comes down to it your in it for the money
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    j&c, two years ago I did a car dealership. It took me 4 months to get paid after threating legal action. I also done a 4 acre yard for the manager at the same dealership for his daughters wedding. Took me 32 hours to do the whole yard. Only took me 6 months to get paid from him. Did work in Nov. and got it in May having to go to dealership and embarrassing him in front of employs to get paid. Good luck to you if you decide to do it. I also found out that the dealership had shafted 3 other lco before me and one more since me. I will not touch another one ever.
  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    No I happen to share yours, car dealers and gas stations are top on my Go to Hell list. I have never contracted a dealer personally but I have many many years of working on them for the last guy I worked for he had 4 of them. 3 of them had the absolute worse parking situations you can imagine I would have to park on another business lot and hope they did not get to pissed off about it so we ended up going extra early to avoid seeing the other business owners. We had 4 foot wide strips on our townÂ’s busiest road so no questions asked you were bagging then they would always come out and offer to move the cars off the lawn?!?! Great so now I have to wait 20 damm mins for you to find the lot boy and find the keys when I could have been done in 1 min of trimming around the tires. All that for like 25-35 per cut no thank you. Then you can add in the employees there all thinking because they got that black greasy hair that they were also your boss and could ask you to do anything they wished despite the fact that it was not authorized and if you cut it down or trimmed it you would be eating it as you would never get paid.
  6. HOMER

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    Funny................my car dealership is my biggest $$$ account. Never hear a word out of them. All that was ever asked was the GM didn't want to worry about the grass........so far he hasn't. They built on...added another side........price went up accordingly..........no questions asked. I even hit one of their signs.........put a hole in it........GM said not to worry, they lease those signs. I explained I had insurance and he never uttered another word about it.

    My gas station is my most profitable account......averaged $175.00 an hour last year. payup

    Ya'll got to get to know your clients.........BS a little with them and do what it is you do, things go better that way!
  7. procut

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    I wouldn't touch a car dealership. The chance of hitting a car or something is just to great. Not to mention, as someone else said, every time a car gets scratched, it would be easy for them to blame you.
  8. scaglawnsnj

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    i would make those asses pre pay/ have them sign a waver that your not liable for damage done to cars, have them sign a two year lock down contract.. most important (HAVE THEM PRE-PAY FOR MONTH TO MONTH)
    If i smell a ass hole in there agenda you best believe they pre-pay
  9. bushtrimmer

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    we do a lot of car dealerships and gas stations. That crew keeps mulching decks on the mower for those and shopping centers at the beginning of the week. Don't want to take the chance ofeven throwing grass on a car. Not near the pain to blow then. We don't have trouble at all with them, normal time to pay, no complaints, etc, as long as we do what we're suppposed to do. Getting paid on time is just a matter you the lco training the customer. It might take a year of phone calls but eventually they'll figure out what net 15 means.

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