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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Mar 30, 2006.

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    traditionally, late payers don't last long with me. i have no tolerance. last year, i had one late payer, but was right next door to a great payer, two easy lawns, so i didn't like the fact he was late, but i stayed on top of it, and kept the account. the other was a lady. picked her up in mid augest, did 2 cuts, she was late, i dropped her right then and there. ok, well, both of these customers are right next to other exsisting clients. so i said to myself, "you know what handsome, why not at least try to retain these clients?" now, both these clients were on a "pay per mow" agreement, where the bill was due mid month, for that month. anyhow, what i did this year was, rather than blow them off, i sent them both pre pay contracts, where 2 months worth of fees is due in advance. i stated that this was thier only option. guess what? they both signed, and paid as per the agreement. i now have 2 months worth of fees, in my account, and have yet to step foot on the property. so, my question: have you had any success converting late payers, into great payers? have you even tried, or just dumped them?
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    i would also like to know how you all converted late payers to great payers... i still have a lady that owes me 100 bucks from october...
  3. PGA

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    Most people have 2 strikes with me and then Im done with them. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and understand that. If they are just lazy then I quit mowing it.
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    I had a PITA customer that wouldn't pay last years last invoice after sending 2 invoices and a letter I ended going to my lawyer and had him write a 10 day demand letter and had it sent certified mail, amazing I got a call to come pick up a check 3 days later :clapping:

    Not really sure but I think each state has its own policy for the proper way to collecting a debt owed
    also being a inc. business you can collect for court cost and lawyers fee's

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    All my habitual offenders are now must pay by credit card, I process it each month. Although I just started this so we'll see how it works. Nobody had a problem with it, they all know there's shame in their bill-paying game...
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    As the owner of a small mail order business that processes credit cards, be sure to cover your expenses for the credit card fee...like 4%. You should put that charge back to the customer, why absorb it?

    You don't think of 4% as much, but do 10 charges or more per billing cycle and see how it adds up.

    Good one.

  7. mcwlandscaping

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    If you can, this worked for me, after the last two weeks of dropping a bill at her house ever two or three days until she called. On the bottom i just wrote that she NEEDED to call me to set up when i can pick up the money, i didn't want to here some excuse that she would mail it. If you can't do it any other way, try that before claims court as it is probably less of a hassel.....just sharing something that worked for me, good luck, oh, she owed me $125

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    The small percentage you pay is worth it to get paid on time, and keep a better cash flow. You lose a few bucks but getting the money on time makes up for it. If I'm not mistaken, you're not supposed to charge more for credit card purchases??

    Plus it's fun and rewarding to tell these customers "You've been bad, and this is your punishment" :laugh:
  9. Albemarle Lawn

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    Well, its not actually YOUR grass, however, your lawn becomes a convenient dump site for bagged clippings and other general landscape debris.

    It saves gas, no more trips to the dump.

    Plus, we charge a fee to remove the stuff we dump, in addition to all delinquent monies due for services rendered.

    If that doesn't work, we pour concrete down the sewer clean-out for their main sewer line. Life gets really tedious when you flush your toilet and get a brown volcano spouting from your kitchen sink. I'm telling you people, we don't play.

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