Experience with KY Fairways Zoysia Farm

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by martman100, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. martman100

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    I am looking to go Zoysia I believe. I live in Louisville, KY and the KY Fairways Zoysia farm is not far from my house. Anyone here have experience with them? kyfairways.net I believe is the website.

    Other suggestions on where to get plugs as I know Zoysia does not do well from seed.

    I was thinking of Bermuda but scared of the growth rate that we have here with common bermuda. Plus I think the color of bermuda is a little light in green compared to a good Zoysia installation.

    Any suggestions on doing Meyer Zoysia in Louisville, KY?
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    I have no experience with KyFairways but i would look at their soil to see how closely it matches yours. Do you know how stiff zoysia grass blades are.
    It is not very comfortable to sit on. If you have kids on the lawn that could be a issue. Emerald zoysia is the softest IMO. Are you aware how slow growing zoysia is? 6 inches a year is considered good. So the more plugs and nitrogen to start with the better your yard will be. Zoysia is a better warm season grass than bermuda for your climate because of cold tolerance.
    It also has a much better winter dormancy color. Good luck.
  3. martman100

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    I have a patch of Zoysia I plugged last year. Due to the slow growing I have opted to seed bermuda. I had bermuda at a previous house and it did great. Our summers here are way too hot for the Fescue/BG mix. You spend a fortune in watering and by the end of the summer every yard is brown by the first frost anyway.

    Thanks for the info!

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