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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by RLDesign, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Hello Tom,

    I have enjoyed your last few posts on various topics. They have been spot on - re-enforcing what my experiences are in the field. I have been using LED MR-16 lamps in certain applications, and a few LED fixtures here and there. I have always felt that the LED MR-16 lets us use the boby of fixtures we are so familiar with to create something that will last longer. If I use the retrofit LED MR-16, I can still take advantage of the advances in MR-16 fixture design that came about over the last 10 years. I also want to be able to have an option to switch back to halogen if something goes wrong. Ken and Bob I. made some great points about the way they are using LED, which led me to share my experiences.

    I am eager for the projects that give me more flexibility with LED. I am pitching my design ideas with a mix of halogen and LED. I sell some systems that are 90% LED and some systems that are 20% LED, because I just do not find the specific fixture and light output to be available to design entirely in LED. My clients are trusting me to make decisions that protect them. Our team is known for protecting our client's interests, and for many clients that is new concept when dealing with any contractor. I explain to them that they are mainly paying me to protect their interests in all areas. Right now in lighting design, that means choosing the most forward thinking tools and following up on the applicable training and associations. I was on the fence about LED until I travelled to AOLP conference, and then I took my head out of the sand/fog/arse and started to work with product and experiement more. Even though the LEDs are changing as quickly as we install them, if we do not keep installing them we will lose that edge. It will not be that we cannot catch up, but that our ability to have the latest technology or training will be a few steps away. I constantly focus on explaining the unification of all lighting sources and showing my clients that I care about their lifestyle and maximum enjoyement of space.

    Talk soon.

    Reynolds Lighting
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    Thanks for sharing Tanek. :)

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    wish i had a sales line like the rest.....keep em'flowing yard birds. All the mafia boys chime in..
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    Yard birds? Is that with Clapton, Beck or Page?
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    Thats really great information right there. Lots of DETAIL to think about.....

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    Don't thank me. I didnt write it. Between reading that article and Jim's issue with interferance and my own testing I am comfortable with my choices in materials for me and my clients.

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