Experience with small Lesco Sprayer?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Westbrooklawn, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Westbrooklawn

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    I am looking at a Lesco 50 gal. sprayer with 300' hose, electric reel, 4 hp kawasaki, and 6.5 gpm/275 psi pump. It is not the ideal rig, but I can't justify the extra cost for the bigger tank/pump combinations.

    Does anyone have any experience with this sprayer, and if so how has it worked out? Will this pump give me the efficiency I need to spray average 8-12k ft. residential yards? Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. bushtrimmer

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    I've got a couple of those I use as a nurse tank for a backpack spot spraying. At 1 gal per 1000 sq ft, you will only be able to spray 5 yards per fill up if they are 8-10,000 yards you are doing.
    Once you get your yards in decent shape, spot spraying is all you will need to do and that sprayer will be great.
  3. Westbrooklawn

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    Bushtrimmer - Thanks for the feedback. I am planning on using this sprayer primarily for summer applications of post emergence for weeds and possibly crabgrass. I figure even at 2-3 gal./1000 ft. I would be able to cover my largest properties with one fill. My home base location is in close proximity to all my accounts for refills, and at worst case I could refill at a customer's location....... none of my current accounts would have any problem with that.
  4. Westbrooklawn

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  5. marko

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    Make sure you know the state requirements for filling (backflow preventers, etc). I think a 50 gal is perfect if you need broadcast application capabilities, and as stated before, use backpack units once they require minimum spraying. It does make an expensive nurse tank though!
  6. Westbrooklawn

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    Marko -

    Thanks for the feedback. Good point on regs, especially if I was to be filling the tank at a customer's premises. I believe the only requirement is adequate air gap, but I will verify that. I've been a certified and licensed applicator for 15 years, but tank spraying is new to me so I will be sure to be in compliance.
  7. Jason Rose

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    Sorry I really can't comment on the 50 gallon tank, I looked at one when I was getting my sprayer. My lesco rep really steered me away because I would regret it. The hand crank reel is going to be a lot of work! I ended up with the 100 gallon with the electric reel. He was actually preaching that I needed to just buy the 200 gallon for the 100 bucks more. Quote: "You can put 50 or 100 gallons in a 200 gallon tank, you can not however put 200 gallons in a 50 or 100 gallon tank." Get as big of a tank as you can! you never know what may happen in the future. I regret every time I use mine that it's not a 200. It really stinks only being able to do a few lawns on a takk and then running out half way thru one. I have a couple properties that even at 1 to 1.5 gal. per thousand it takes the whole 100 gallons. Then I have to drive home, refill, and drive back to do a couple others in the neghiborhood. Not saying you can't run out with a bigger tank but it's half as likely!

    I THINK the air gap filler on lesco tanks makes it safe to fill with any garden hose with out a back flow preventer/anti-siphon. My inspector looked at mine and was impressed with their air gap filler and made no comment about backflow. It probably varies from state to state though.

    Moral is: go with a bigger tank than you ever think you will need, it will save you hours of headaches in the future!
  8. Westbrooklawn

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    Jason -

    Thanks for the comments. The 50 gal. sprayer I'm looking at has an electric reel so that is not an issue. My main concern is if the 6 gpm/275 psi pump is adequate. I understand the tank size issue, but for $1000 more I can't justify getting the bigger tank and pump combination. If needed I can add a 100 gallon tank and a transfer pump for under $200, and this would give me a total of 150 gal. on the truck.

    It seems that most turf spraying is done at around 2 gpm and less than 100 psi?????? If this is correct wouldn't the 6 gpm/275 psi pump be more than sufficient? Again, the tank size issue is not of concern in my decision process. Thanks to all for additional comments.
  9. lordohturf

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    Jason makes a great point about the 200 gallon. If money is the issue, the pump on the 50 gallon sprayer is quite effective for lawn care. If you want to add on and are reasonably handy, you can buy a larger tank and "T" into the intake side so you can add fluid from a larger source without filling from someone's hose.
  10. Enviro Green

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    Your pump will be more than adequate for your needs. Just make sure you have the right chem lawn gun and the correct nozzle, and then do a bucket chekc with a stopwatch to determineyour flow rate per minute.


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