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    I see no harm in saying 16 years experience. Chances are that OP has learned a few things doing it part time.
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    Not saying he doesn't have experience…just saying he doesn't seem to have 16 full years of experience which is what "16 years experience" means in the business world…it means "I've been doing this full time for 16 years", it doesn't mean "I've been doing this for a few hour each year for the last 16 years". It has to do with the amount of time in hours and minutes the OP actually spent mowing lawns during any given calendar year.

    I don't have thirty some odd years of mowing experience because I started mowing lawns when I was about 10 or 11 years old…it's experience but it certainly wasn't a full year of experience…the first few years it was just a few hours a week for a couple of months out of the year…maybe 120 to 160 hours total for the whole year…that's equivalent to 3 to 4 weeks of full time experience not an entire year of experience.

    If Guy A mows 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year for a total of 1200 hour of mowing for the year and Guy B mows 5 hours one day a week for 40 weeks for a total of 200 hours of mowing for the year, does Guy B have an equal amount of mowing experience as Guy A?

    If Guy A and Guy B do not have an equal amount of mowing experience and Guy A has 1200 hours of experience and Guy B only has 200 hours of experience, does Guy A have 6 times more experience than Guy B?

    If you are saying that Guy B can claim that he has 1 year of experience, does that mean that Guy A can claim that he has 6 years experience because he has 6 times more experience than Guy B?

    If Guy C only mowed 100 hours, does he only have a half of year experience?
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    I think you're taking the OP's question out of context. That being said, I also think you are looking to argue with someone. You made your opinion clear, no reason to bash everyone else's Opinion. My point of adding "To each his own" was "everyone has their own opinion, i'm not going to argue about it"
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    Im not sure, why is it so important to even mention "16 years experience" or "established 1969"

    Don't even mention it.

    Humble is best.

    Have you done this before?
    From time to time.
    Do you know what you're doing?
    I hold my own.
    Can you get this done?
    I will do my best.

    Im not a big fan of "16 years experience"

    I meet too many people who have 1 year of experience 16 times.

    and guys will knock their socks off who have been at it for 5.

    whats the definition of insanity?
    doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
    Lots of insane companies in this industry, and I have met far too many.
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    You worry about stuff on here way too much
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    Rare disagreement with A.W. for me - Company doesn't have 16 years of history but if we're talking about referring to an employee or yourself as having kept clients happy for 16 complete mowing seasons I think it counts as experience. Wouldn't be fair to represent the company itself as being 16 years old - that implies that the company already has it's systems and operations to a point where another 16 years is likely. 16 years experience, in this case and if used correctly, would just imply that the operator (owner here) is capable of quality results in his work.

    Suchandsuch Landscapes (or whatever)
    Landscape Maintenance by John Doe: "over a decade of experience" or "x years experience in turf management" or "active in the green industry since xxxx" etc. (insert applicable timeline and area of knowledge)

    I don't think it's really helpful to mention years of experiece though, except in the case of a business itself over a certain age to suggest stability
  7. jrs.landscaping

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    I can say I have over 10k hours mowing. What does that mean to a client? Probably next to nothing. How many companies hire guys with little or no experience? Do they advertise that, probably not.

    We don't advertise it, if a potential customer asks we tell them.
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    I agree with this. Those 16 years don't mean squat if you've been doing it wrong. Not that the OP has, but you get the point.
  9. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    This is not a resume or a job interview, the OP is talking about having "16 years experience" or something like that printed on his company's advertisements. There is no need to call attention to this detail and offer it up for scrutiny.

    Discussing his experience with a potential client when he meets them is entirely different than printing something on an advertisement that tries to convey an honest message to the reader that the person who owns the company has "16 years experience" which includes the time spent mowing lawns on the side as a kid.

    If you want your ad to say "over 15 years in business" or "established 1998", that is fine as long as it is truthful. In the OP's case, he can't use that so he is asking if he should have something else written on his ad that mentions the amount of personal experience he has. I say no he shouldn't do this. It seems to me that the OP's reason for wanting to do this is to try to add credibility to his ad by trying to make it sound like the advertiser (the OP/his company) has a great deal of experience…more than just one year in business. There is no need to have the advertisement call additional attention to the age of the business or the amount of experience the owner has…some intelligent readers of the ad might actual look at the cleverly worded statement of experience and speculate that this is probably an ad by a company that hasn't been is business very long and might lack the stability that a more established business would have…based on that, they might just choose to eliminate this business from consideration.

    If you don't tell them to focus on it, most readers of the advertisement won't care how long the company has been in business or how many years of experience the owner has. They just want to know if this company can do the job they want done for the price they are willing to pay. The few people (if any) who do happen to inquire about the number of years in business or the amount of experience the OP has, should be told the truth…a similar statement to the one I posted in an earlier post should satisfy those few individuals who happen to ask.
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    I agree with this, plus whens the last time you met a company advertising about how they've been in business "Since 2010"
    Nobody does that.

    Which leads me to a vast majority of the people lie.

    because not everyone has 15-30 years experience, and that's all you ever see.

    'experience' doesn't include gran dad's lawn mower on sundays after sweet tea and cornbread

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