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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rjones14, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I was approached by one of my residential accounts on Sat. to cut his Banks Grand opening by Mon., so I cut it on Sun. Charged him $125 to just cut it, took 1hr and a half. High I know but it was last minute and on Sunday. I gave him the bill and he mentioned something about bidding the account. It involves everything landscape and mowing. I don't have experience bidding the landscape aspect, please look over and see if I'm close.

    Mow, Edge, Weed-eat, blow: 3hrs, 2/mo, $175/per = $350/mo
    Weed beds as needed:
    ? Straw 2/yr: approx 50-100 bailes/per
    ? Trimm Hedges 2/yr:

    Do I come up with a monthly cost to cover all other expences that occur 2/yr (i.e straw and hedgers) ? This is a new bank with established beds that have small bushes and a thick coat of straw. There are alot of bushes and beds. Is $500 to $700 per month crazy?

    I feel like this would be a good account for the first couple of years until the bushes get mature and it turns into a nightmare to trimm.
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    Brinkman and Valley would do it for half that amount but if you don't have the big guys in your area you might be okay but a little high.
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    Personally, I think your mowing price is to low.

    3 hours for $175? I would be around $225 for a 3 hour mowing job.

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