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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by andyslawncare, Jun 26, 2013.

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    I know that many guys ask how and how much and etc. Today, I'm not asking the how much or really the how, I suppose. Just some advice.

    This is my 7th year, and I currently have around 1/3 commercial with crew total of $150k+ contracted maintenance and another full time crew on landscape install.

    My advertising has been limited to only spring and fall google adwords with good results, though I usually only randomly get the commercial accounts. I'm to the point where I would like to have another larger crew next year to do only commercial accounts.

    any recommendations to get this done? With a 4 man crew, I only have about 16 hours worth of commercial work per week. I'll also have a dedicated weed control/fertilization truck next season. I need to continue growth to the residential market, but need to make a commercial crew have 40 hours by next April.


    I work high end full service. I'm not the lowest bidder.

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    Look at the last 2 words of your post. That's how to get commercial work.
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    The best way to get good commercial accounts is to build relationships with the owners, presidents and/or decision makers.

    Join a committee at your local Chamber of Commerce, attend business after hours functions or consider joining Rotary or Kiwanis.

    Are you involved in any civic organizations like Rotary or Kiwanis?

    Find out what types of community groups your target audience is involved with and make an effort to be there too.

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