Experiences with various Smart Controllers

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ArTurf, Oct 12, 2011.

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    I am looking at pushing smart controllers or add on smart sensors to my customers present control. I have a heck of a time teaching some customers how to change settings to go along with the weather. What smart controllers have you used & installed that seem to do a good job adjusting to conditions? Really don't want a system that changes the run times just the frequency of watering days. Most of my customers have a Hunter Pro C.
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    Solar Sync. It will vary the run times but some days it zeroes them out if no watering is needed. You basically program for peak irrigation requirements and it moves things down or off from there. Cheap, easy to install. I have a couple on sites..... I'm indifferent to them. I'm not overly impressed nor am I dissapointed but for what it costs it's fairly effective.

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    We have 10 Hunter Solar Syncs on one site. Easy to manage; no major problems.

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    well I dunno...
    But I'm checking out Toro's stuff.
    Is that a bad idea?
    Most resi's run Toro as they're based here.
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    The climate logic works alot like the solar sync just adjusts your percentages based on weather. It plugs into the remote port on the controller so only works on irritrol/toro. Haven't really heard good or bad about them.
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    I like the solar sync. It is very accurate when you set it up and position it correctly, I've had good luck with positioning it close to the area to be watered and providing the sensor with the same light conditions. When you use it with the Pro-c conventional it mounts inside the cabinet and is fully protected from the elements.
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    Any particular reason why?

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