Experinced Comments needed on Skidsteer Work?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by windowbarn, Dec 18, 2010.

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    We are looking into doing skidsteer work. We currently have 2006 Cat 287b and know how too run if fairly well. We were looking at the cat 287c and also considering they have 0% interest for 48 months. Just trying to crunch numbers and see if it would be a profitable business. We are close too Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, IA and wondering what the going hourly rate is for doing skidsteer work with a operator?? The cat service rep was saying in cedar rapids guys are charging (i think he said $150, seems kinda steep) with a operator. We already have a truck and trailer so that wouldn't be problem. The reason for going new would be because of the warranty etc. Any input into this would be much appreciated.
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    I personally could never get just skid steer work and sell it by the hour, a little with my cousin and an oilfield contract but nothing in the green industry. It was awesome for doing large landscape installations, especially with forks for moving sod pallets around and such.
    I tried going around to the local places that sold decorative rock, road base and washed gravel to put out cards, trying to get maybe some driveway redo work but nothing ever came of it. I even tried doing push outs for my buddy home builders but was always undercut by someone with a backhoe.
    Just my thoughts, hope this helps or the market is different where you are.

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