Explaining Mulching vs Bagging to Customers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mastruck04, May 9, 2011.

  1. Smallaxe

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    The idea of "professionalism" keeps changing doesn't it?

    Used to be that a "professional" knew the in's and out's of his trade, saw the intricate details that were not even imagined by the layman... Had the background and the foresight to come up with great solutions that nullify the percieved drawbacks...
    Professionals were helpful...

    I consider "LawnCare" to mean that the "Lawn" is cared for Professionally, Not managed by the H.O.'s fanciful ideas... :)
  2. ralph02813

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    I do both, I think the reason a lot of folks want it bagged is because so many guys to a losey job mulching. In late spring when everything is growing so fast I think it is very hard to leave a really clean cut without bagging.
  3. Smallaxe

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    A decent LawnCare Professional would inform the client, that cool season grasses are better fed in the Fall and late Spring... I agree 100% that to produce so much waste material, that is has to be bagged, is ridiculous...

    Now the client knows to tell the squirt&fert guys to not dump fert b4 the first 3 mowings...
    Of course it won't make a bit of difference unless you are also the guy who applies fert... You don't need a license in my state for "fert only"... :)
  4. Hawkshot99

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    What size lawn are you mowing for $25, that is big enough to have to empty the bags 7 times?
  5. nepatsfan

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    i agree too
  6. GritCity_Nick

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    I know it's completely different circumstances, frequency, and equipment, but it might not hurt to bring up the fact that golf courses don't bag fairways.
  7. KrayzKajun

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    I don't bag any lawns. Now I may purchase a used walker just to have for leaves and clean-ups.
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  8. Damian

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    Everytime I see a post like this, I have to ask: why don't you mention what kind of grass you're talking about? I'm quite certain that many of you have/do cut grasses that I wouldn't even recognize because where I'm at, they don't exist - or at least if they do, I've never seen them. I guess what I'm really saying is that what works on one type of grass may not work on another, so whatever answer I give, may not come close to the answer you need.

    I mow almost exclusively St. Augustine. Under normal circumstances, mulching works great. There are times though, that while it may look fine at finishing time, if you go back a few days later, you can tell where you turned due to clumps of grass.
  9. classy

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    Removing the bagged grass NEVER happens with residential, after the price of travel and dump fees are added. 2 guys, roughly 50 minutes = approximately an ADDITIONAL ($1.16 PER MINUTE x 50 mins = $58.00) and we haven't even considered the dump fees yet.

    Would you pay another 63 bucks to haul off? Now that I think of it, the only people that get it hauled off is Yard Restorations, and it is billed into the price. But I've NEVER taken anything to the dump on a regular maintenance call. It gets mulched, or bagged and curbed.

    Of course I also have NO commercial accounts, that aren't residential. I'd do what it takes for a commercial account, unfortunately, it seems that many commercial customers want you to cut their properties for the PRICE OF GAS alone. lol.

    I had an H.O.A. in Atlanta, literally ask me to do an 80 unit complex for $300-400. Funny thing is, someone else WAS DOING IT, and obviously quit. I had another want 4-foot grass cut for $40 bucks.

    Is it just me or are commercial accounts far too frugal?
    I welcome commercial people, but you will definitely pay MY PRICE, not yours, or we shall not do business. I've done my share of basically free-labor in my first year, no more.

    ...sorry, got carried away.... free-labor flashbacks, lol
  10. Landscraper1

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    In my company, we bag most of the lawns. I am not a fan of mulching. Mulching adds alot of thatch to the lawn, spreads the weeds back into the lawn, and in no way does the lawn look better then bagging.
    If a landscaper bags a lawn next to yours, your customer will see the difference. Make your customer happy, buy the bagger. Nevermind the great job it will do for cleanups. Charge more per cut, you will make up the cost.

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