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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JB1, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. JB1

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    Those who went to the expo did you have a good time? Pick the right motel? Buy anything? what did you like the best. We are buying a grass vac system that fits the grasshopper mid mounts. The show was ok i've been so many years its gettin kinda old. Now the GIE in Nashville last year was real impressive and am gonna try to go again this year. Let me know what you think.
  2. greasy_gun

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    when is the GIE in Nashville?
    i might try to make that show....
  3. maple city

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    This was our first year going. We did have a good time. It was really nice to get to demo the products. I saw the Honda trimmer for the first time. I will be buying one for next year. Also found a place to get a snow blade for a Scag. We bought a couple of blower racks and a saw. I think it was really worth going. I did get the impression that this show is more for dealers, though, so we will probably do the GIE show instead next year.
  4. bayoulawn

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    Did you see the Bad Boy booth? How was it. Did you demo one?
  5. maple city

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    We saw their inside booth, but were too busy to semo one. Those are some bad ----- looking mowers!
  6. GrassBustersLawn

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    Got there about noon on Saturday. This is my 4th year for EXPO. Always enjoy seeing the new equipment and demo-ing it. The FREE BRATS are nice too! Stayed overnight and was there at 8am for seminars. 3rd seminar on Marketing was canceled due to illness. A bummer because I can use all the marketing help I can get.

    BOUGHT: SuperJack from Ballard Inc. so we can quit using the car ramps for getting under the mower decks to clean and change blades. Kind of pricey at $225 but will reduce it from a 2 man operation to a 1 man op. Also bought another E-Z Gate from Ballard for my second trailer. Had SHOW SPECIAL price, which I got some extra off of too because I think they didn't want to haul it back to Iowa. (GOOD PRODUCTS - check them out. Kory Ballard is the "whiz-kid" of LCO's IMHO) Getting tired of lifting that enormous gate.

    PICKED UP: Replacement part for my GATOR-RATOR. Bryant seems to be working out some bugs on his product, but so far he is standing behind it.

    BEST PERFORMING MOWER I DEMOED: GRAVELY 260z - Awesome ease of steering. Best of anything I've ever driven.

    BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: The ALL GIRL BAND on Saturday night was only for Dealers/Company folks. HEY, how 'bout some nice perk like that for the guys that are paying for it all????

    BEST PART: High temperature was 72. Last year it was a sweltering 94 with high humidity when they held it in July. Kudos for moving it to OCTOBER!


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