Expo Report Friday7/20//01

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by doublesharp, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. doublesharp

    doublesharp LawnSite Senior Member
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    Kohler booth outside....grilled bratworst and softdrinks
    Husqvarna....free trimmer line and caps
    Landscapers supply inside....free cap
    Hot and steamy then major downpour about 1:00 pm sent everybody inside. Much to see inside but the fun was outside trying different equip. Kawasaki's outside booth had about 20 different ZTR mowers all powered by Kaws that you could demo and compare. At times it resembled a figure 8 race and had the potential of becoming a demolition derby. Too much fun. Great show so far.
  2. Highpoint

    Highpoint LawnSite Member
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    Wish I was there:(
  3. Alanky

    Alanky LawnSite Member
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    Why did it have to rain!! i didnt get to drive all the equipment because of that :mad: I did finnaly get the chace to drive a dixie chopper though!!:Rain stuck me in Husqvarna's outdoor booth so i got to try out most of their equipment. Like doublesharp said they give you 50 feet of their Titanium Force trimmer line if you take the trimmer torque test. Loved the kawasaki booth, all those ztrs kept me busy for awhile. eXmark also has a fair amount of machines out to play with and those little toro dingos (mini skid-steers) were a blast. I want to go back!
  4. Eric ELM

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    Did you make it to the Turf Booth at noon? If so, how many Lawnsite members were there? Since you live there, why don't you go back each day? :)

    BTW, send that rain to Chicago, we can use it here BIG time.
  5. kris

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    I'm jealous... Really...thanks for the report and keep us updated please...next week should be great on here with everyone's opinion on all the great equipment etc.
  6. Alanky

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    I didnt make it to the turf mag booth at noon because i got caught up in all the stuff outside and lost track of time. I wish i could go back each day but i have a part time job and i have to work the rest of the weekend. It opens at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM, and i have to work from 10 AM til 4 PM so it wouldnt be worth it. Maybe i can talk them into giving me a day off. :)

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