Expos in PA....anyone going?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. gogetter

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    Just seeing who might be going to the PANTS (Penn Allied Nursery Trade Show) expo in Fort Washington, PA?
    July 29-31.

    Also there's the Power Expo in Harrisburg, PA. November 12-13.

    For more info about either one go to:


    I haven't been to either and will try for at least one of them, if not both. Anyone else?
  2. cos

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    Not sure. If I am not busy, I will just pop in.
  3. GarPA

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    Jon...the power expo sounds like a winner...assuming I remember to put it in my calendar....maybe by then the grass will have slowed down and we'll have some free time!.....lol
  4. qwikv6

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    We are going on Nov 12 to the Power Expo in Harrisburg, Pa. I registered earlier this week. Registration is free before Oct. 31. Did it online. Very easy.

    Hope it is going to be alot of fun and I'm going to learn alot.
  5. GarPA

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    from PA
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    THis looks like a very good event. THe free seminars also look pretty good. You're right, it was real ez to register online.

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