Extended bed vs. trailer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Oct 2, 2000.

  1. MJB

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    The trucks are nice if all you do is mulch the grass. What happens in the spring and fall when you bag some lawns and do cleanups?? Take another truck to the job to haul off the clippins?? thats not very cost efficient.
    I have a truck and a 16 ft open trailer, I carry my tools
    trimmers, blowers, blades, and my Walker, and 60" Exmark,
    and a 21" JD.
  2. geogunn

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    LGG--yep I can put you on a brand new tandem, 16 foot, dual axle for $750. doubt me? my e-address is in my profile.

    and by the way, three WB's on a 12 footer? that's crowded if it can be done. and if you can do that, whyinthehell do you say you don't need a 16 foot traler and in the next sentence you explain your plan to buy a 20 foot enclosed? it just doesn't work out to my thinking.

    and for your information, the way the factory makes these things, 12 foot, 16 foot...same price! WHY? the steel comes in 16 foot lengths. if they cut off 4 feet, no refund.

    cutter1--same as LGG. $750 for trailer as described above. add brakes, add $100 bucks. same deal. all day long.

  3. Cutter1

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    Alright geo...YOu don't have to get pissy. Where are you at, I need another trailer for next year?? I need brakes on it.
  4. little green guy

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    Sorry My thoughts where kinda mixed up

    Geogunn- heres the deal, when i siad i would get a 16 foot trailer that was meant as If i where going to get another open trailer thats what i would do bedcause I would rather have more room but it's not nessasary. I can fit 1- 48", 1-36" walkbehind and a 52" walkbehind side by side on my trailer. The reason i am going to get a 20' enclosed next year is because I am planning on buyin a new rider to so I will need a bigger trailer.

    750.00 is a realy good deal for a 16 footer though. where are you located? Can you get enclosed trailer cheaper too. i may have to think about the 16'er. thanks

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    thiers a coulple of folks up here that run 1 tons flat bed with a slant back and a ramp has a lock box over the cab,racks on the inside and one guy fit a walker ,a 60" exmark and a 21",works for him,,,but if you have to carry materials like straw for a bedding job you have to leave somthing behind...or deal with a trailer and diconnecting it all day....guess it depends on weather or not all you do is cut grass?
  6. geogunn

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    cutter1--no pissy here! and by the way, you don't have to get defensive either.

    as I said, e-mail address is in my profile.:)

    I really do wish that all members that contribute would fill out their profile.

    LGG--thanks for the clarification. I use a 12 foot trailer and three 48's on that thing would be tough.

  7. little green guy

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    Goegunn- you just gotta know how to scweeze thyem on there right. I put them all side by side so they all fit, I put them so the deck of one mower is next to the drive wheel of the next mower. I alternate them. It's all good but i can't wiat to get a nice big 20'er and the new rider.
  8. cantoo

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    geogun, can you give us some name and #'s on that trailer. I'm getting set to build one and the parts are more than $1500 Can. We will be driving thru on the way home from Florida in Jan. maybe I could pick one up then. I don't need it until Spring. I know a dealer that picks up horse trailers from Tenn, somewhere and sells them here, I might give him a call too.

    REX HANKINS LawnSite Member
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    We run a Isuzu NPR with a 16ft. platform, with an additional 4ft. beavertail. We have a 4x8 box with 4ft. sides across the front for hauling clippings. There is a door on the curb side for unloading. The back panel of this box is removable for more floor space if needed. This truck is so much easier to get around town in.
  10. stslawncare

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    u are making ur own trailer right? from what i have heard its easy, but $1500 for parts seems way high, if i remember correctly u can get a good good used one for $1000, and can purchase new for not to much more. in the northern catalog they have EXCELLENT plans for trailers and even two books. take a look at there parts prices, also have a few other names if u want them.

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