Extended bed vs. trailer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Oct 2, 2000.

  1. cantoo

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    That's $1500 Canadian about $20 US just kidding. I have built lots of trailers before and I tend to overbuild them and put lots of extras on them. I am not sure yet if I will buy a used one and redo it or just start from scratch. I want to have side ramps on both sides, stake pockets for different types of sides, trimmer racks and tool holders. I will use this trailer for lots of different types of jobs including sleds in the winter. It has to hold a 72" Ransomes, a 48" Walker and a Toro wbh plus all the other small toys.
  2. cutting edge

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    I had to reply on the price of the 16' tandem ($750 good deal). I purchased a new 7 X 16 tandem GVWR 7000# with treated lumber and gate for $890 plus tax.
  3. geogunn

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    CE--did you get brakes for that price?

    also...I'm not sure about the tailgate on the $750 job..

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    Saw some guys in a city near mine using a flat bed on their truck. Looked kind of like a Chip/Bread truck with no box. The bed was real high off the ground (5.5')and I watched them load the wb's. They were almost going straight up.
    They had 3 54" hydro wb's on the truck. It had a side ramp and a rear one. It was pulling a 16" trailer with a 5' john deere tractor and a 3' JD belt wb. These were hooked together to give an eight foot cut.
  5. cutting edge

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    I think they told me that brakes would be $150 per axle extra.
  6. turfquip

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    //...flaming envelope award to turfquip
  7. jaclawn

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    Anyone ever consider an old rollback tow truck? Loading and unloading would be a snap, just make sure everything is tied down.
    I don't think that the tilt angle would be steep enough for it to be used as a dump truck though. If one could be modified to dupm steep enough, a bin on the front, with mowers on back would be the ultimate setup.
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    Getmow seems to come close to hitting it here.

    I used to use the same type of setup to haul Toro equipment for demonstrations.

    The larger truck type setups do not calculate out real well against pickup trailer combinations, unless you keep them for at least 10 years.

    You could always get a debris trailer and then jackkinfe truck to unload. Not very pratical in neighborhoods.

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