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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by The Grass Guy, Apr 10, 2008.

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    I first want to say that my new sharpener is far more of a machine I expected it to be, I had many questions and while learning to sharpen blades on it I had called many times and the staff went out of their way to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was moving the blade so slow it just wasn't becoming sharp and was only heating it up, I was told to put the blade to the wheel at the speed you'd cut down a tree with a hand saw, I found that the faster the pass on the wheel the faster it become sharp,so I'm extremely happy now. The only draw back I can find any where is the work table, I purchased the wider table, it still could be about 3 inches wider, the reason i say this is with the blade flat on the table and I'm pushing it in and out of the wheel I'm hitting the lift section of the blade that faces upward before i get off of the wheel ( 52 inch toro deck,3 blades) Do you have any plans of making a little bit wider work table ? I was even thinking of taking the smaller one and making brackets and attaching it to the ends of the extended table so id have a longer surface to slide the blade on.
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    Hello Grass Guy,

    I'm glad to hear everything is working as it should. In regards to the extended worktable, please post some pictures of your blade on the worktable to better explain where you would like the worktable larger. Then i can relay back to the engineers and get it looked at.

    Thank you,
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    I will take you some pictures the next time I sharpen which will be soon and e-mail them to you.

    Thanks John

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