Extending discharge chute of loader?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. gogetter

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    I want to extend the height of the discharge chute of the used leaf loader I'm buying.
    It's an older (maybe 4-5 years) Landscape Supply unit. The chute is round. But thier newer models are square.

    So does anyone have any idea how I can extend the height? I see that Billy Goat makes a round extension for thiers, but even if it did fit, I'm sure it's way overpriced (I've seen other extensions for $175 !!).

    I could probably find some type of metal stove pipe, but I can't figure how I'd attache it. The current chute comes apart right above the impeller housing, and there is a collar on each piece where it connects. I can't see how I'd fit something to those collars.

    Make any sense?
  2. BSDeality

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    got a digital camera? a visual would be a great help, perhaps take it to a weld/machine shop if you don't have the equipment. i'm sure they could help you out, but i bet it'd be close to $150 w/ labor and materials.
  3. Runner

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    Yep. Just extend the tubes with extra pipe, and mig weld it together (or have it done if you don't do this yourself). This way, the fittings are still just as they were, and you can disassemble it when needed. I don't think I would bother messing around with the fitting collars.
  4. cantoo

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    Go to a farm supply company they will be able to get you whatever size round pipe you need. It's used for grain augers then have a shop weld a collar on for you.
  5. gogetter

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    Here's a link to photos of it. I don't know how to incorporate the photos right into the post.

    Just scroll down to the LEAF LOADERS section. It's the first one there (11hp Landscaper Supply unit).


    The one close up photo shows the discharge chute, where it meets the impeller housing. You can see what I mean by the "collars" that bolt together.

    I'll have to hit Lowes or Home Depot to see what they have in pipe sizes.

  6. cantoo

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    gogetter, this thread shows pics of my loader. I made the extension from a grain auger pipe that I had laying around. Last night I remounted the loader onto the front of the truck it works much better there.

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