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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by Birchwood, Oct 28, 2010.

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    Where are you buying from, how much, what sizes.?

    The last 3 years we have been buying from the big box stores, watching for the sale and stocking up, or going back for the credit. But for time savings I've been thinking about ordering from our supplier, and disregarding the savings we currently enjoy, by doing this.

    We mostly use 40' and 20' foot cords, when we need something longer we put those together, but I have been thinking about only using 40s to simplify things. When we pick every thing up we loop like cords in groups of three and tape together. Any thoughts?

    When we watch for sales the 20's are $3-$5 each, and 40's are $6-$8, last year Lowes went to $5.95 for a 40 footer and we stocked up for the season. But as I watch the stores I cant find a 40 for less then $10.

    3 ways we buy through our supplier and big box stores once we run out, I missed the sale @ Menards where they had 3 ways for 49 cents each, what a sale!!

    Just curious what you guys are doing, we are still kind of small potatoes, we have +/- 25 existing customers and 9 new for 2010 with hopes of gaining 10 or so more.

    Elves and Company
  2. jmydsl

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    hey Stevo

    Just borrow the painters cords!!!!:):)
  3. David Gretzmier

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    for light duty amp loads you can always make your own cords using slider plugs and 1000 ft spools of spt-1 or spt-2 wire. they are rated for 7 amps and 10 amps respectively. for heavier amp loads, many folks also buy the twisted 16,14, or 12 guage bulk wire from holiday light source or other sources and make thier own cords as well. while your material cost may be lower per foot, and you have exactly the cord you need for that particular job so you use less feet overall, the time it takes to set plugs plus the danger factor of mistakes and shorts, leads most folks to not do this.

    we always try to carry 16 guage white and brown 6 and 15 foot lamp cords, as they seem to be handy for everything from wreaths to garland to jumpers, and they go to that outdoor grounded orange or brown 16 guage cord. while I used to have mixed feelings about using lamp cords for outdoor, I noticed that all wreaths, garland, bulk c-9s, if fact, every Christmas light item I sell or could find is not a grounded plug. I like to think of lamp cords as extensions from items to get you to that grounded cord in the gutter or on the roof or whatever.

    we carry brown and orange 25, 50, and 100 foot cords. I buy them at walmart, Home depot and lowes.
  4. Birchwood

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    Thanks David, we do drop our lead down the down spouts with spt cord and add plugs, same with using indoor cords for wreaths and garland, white or brown depending on house color. I guess the biggest question was the heavy duty ground cords.

    On a separate note, Thanks David for the tip on Colorful-Hut, for the banners, If I get a chance to snap a picture of the truck, I will post them.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    glad it worked out. I have several banners on the way from them to do a new boxvan I got. they do great work, and the 20 oz banner material is the heaviest I have seen. and, of course, the price is awesome.

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