Extra charge for Bagging??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Green Fields, Mar 22, 2006.

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    I have to look at a potential client later today and he was saying that he wants his clippings bagged. This will entail taking them offsite and dumping them in the neighbors yard :) no I would take it to the county dump. I have the attachment for my 36". I am going to assume that the yard would typically cost $40 to cut. Its a Doctors house in the historic district of town so he has plenty of jingle. Should I charge extra for the bagging or just throw a few bucks more at him through the fertilizing I'm sure he'll want? Thanks
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    I would charge extra for bagging as it will take you much longer to do. Figure out how many times you will hvae to stop and empty the bag and throw that into your estimate equation. I would say tack on another 20% or so.
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    Absolutely. I have run into this quite a few times and I try to convince the client I can make it look just as good mulched. But when they demand it I charge extra depending on the size of the yard. A 40 dollar yard may become a 60+ yard. This usually changes their mines real fast!
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    Inform him that you will be hauling away about 20-25% of the nutrients he's paying for from his fertilizer apps.

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