Extra Security Measures Taken?

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Charles, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Charles

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    Good things to do:

    Keep garage doors and shops doors locked and down when you are not in them and can't see what is going on. Even in daylight hours.
    Chain lock everything in your garage or shop.
    Don't leave your equipment in a open truck bed while working. If you have to, then chain them. Make it hard as possible for the rats.
    Put your equipment in a secure place after every use
    Don't leave your equipment on a trailer out in the open over night. Locked cages won't deter thieves. Too much temptation to see your equipment out in the open unintended.
    Get a SUV or a VAN and alarm/lock them when not being used.
    Prevention is the key. Thieves look for easy targets. These are time consuming and pia measures to implement, but it cuts down on your chances of being a victim. The cost of being a victim is not just monetary either. A lot of emotional pain and suffering goes along with it. These losers make a living stealing our stuff. We need to cut their income drastically so they will go out of business:drinkup: So this is not just about your stolen weedeater. This is about shutting down a pathetic industry of crooks

    Anymore suggestions not covered here?

    There are so many areas to market stolen stuff these days. You have many flea markets and the Internet.. Making the crook business a lot more attractive. Laws generally favor the crooks too so the its less risky business for them to operate
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  2. GravelyNut

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    You left off getting one or more big dogs. Rottys work well for that.
  3. Toy2

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    Don't leave your garage door opener and any info in your vehicle, insurance card, etc.....paper work with your address......

    I had a friend get broken into as she arrived to work, they took her opener and checkbook, she didn't know until lunchtime........3 hours they to clean her out...

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    I had a friend get broken into as she arrived to work, they took her opener and checkbook, she didn't know until lunchtime........3 hours they to clean her out...[/QUOTE]

    wow thats pretty bad
  5. Toy2

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    wow thats pretty bad[/QUOTE]We send all our bills, important info to our PO Box........
  6. Charles

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    Yea dogs are a good deterrent. Even little ones can make thieves nervous. Thieves don't like noises like alarms and barking dogs. They won't stick around long with a lot of racket going on or a rottie hanging on their leg.
    Yes, be careful what you leave in your vehicle that is for sure and shred all personal info before you throw it into the garbage.
    True! A garage door won't do you much good if the crooks have the opener. They break into your auto and clean out your garage. Either take it out or unplug your garage door opener mechanism before you go to bed.
    Unreal how much theft is going on in our area and around the country these days. The problem is many don't take precautions or extra security measures until it happens to them. I am now taking the key out of my mower when it is up on the trailer while I am weedeating or blowing the drive. Truck doors are always locked.
    These pathetic losers don't care whether or is day or night or whether you are close by. They will take their chances on a quick hit and run. The law is not on our side in stopping them either in many cases. Better to PREVENT it than risk trouble by trying to stop it.
    There is no full proof prevention method. Just cut down on your chances of becoming a victim.
    PO boxes are a great idea. Lots of that kind of theft going on too
  7. ken gustafson

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    Theft in the USA...latest statistics is 2006 is 40 BILLION Dollars according to the FBI. My trouble with this figure is....they do not break the figure down into statistics that state......how much is in Boat trailers or lawn trailers or equipment trailers or log splitters or dump trailers or 67 other kinds of trailers.
    Cannot remember if it was 1999 or 2000 but the same statistics were only 5 BILLION in those years. So theft is up quite a bit.... but in what industry? No statistics for industries or types of trailers just a nice big number...could be in horse trailers or generators or or 65 others....Ken
  8. Charles

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    Yea and of that $40 billion(which is a lot), how much is not reported? Many don't call the police and make a report. Mainly because it is rare the police can find your stuff. But they do find a good bit. Everybody should take the time to report stolen equipment There is no chance if you don't report it. This will also help police focus their resources. How many of us just think we just left something somewhere?
    I hear about what is being stolen while on my route. Lawn equipment and trailers are hot items. This forum is proof of that. Tools such as power drills, skill saws etc are also biggies. Tool boxes loaded with random tools are easily sold by thieves and can't be traced.
    I have heard so many stories about somebody who had their trailer chained to a tree. "They just cut the chain......" Best thing to do if you are not using a trailer for awhile is to take one or two wheels off.
    Really would be helpful if they broke down the statistics, I agree.
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