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  1. Richard Martin

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    Good Lord, I couldn't even write a list. It must be 50+ extra items. Some of mine are:

    ear plugs
    tire plugs, glue, reamer and installation tool
    rain coat
    safety vest
    spare spark plugs
    a basic tool kit
    Vise Grips
    trash bags
    a saw
    bottle jack
    large, long screw driver
    Wasp killer
    measuring wheel
    tape measure
    2 different kinds of gloves
    towing straps
    tie down straps
    12 volt air compressor
    4 way lug wrench

    There's a whole bunch of stuff. I can't remember everything but it takes up an entire trailer mounted tool box, behind the seat of my truck and my glove compartment.
  2. ed2hess

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    Leave the magic air in a can home and carry tire plugs, air tank, and a small electric air pump. Take a small roll of kevlar ribbon rope to wrap on the tires to get em back on bead. And carry quick start and fuses.
  3. Curcioslawn

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    Extra weedwacker string always lol
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  4. yardguy28

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    personally I try I carry as little as I can. only what I need for the days work.

    the few extra things I have are basically a tool box that I filled with only the tools I would need to fix minor problems with my equipment. I do have a few extra tie downs. but that's about it.

    I'm sure some of the stuff I carry some would consider extra but I don't. like trimmer line. I always have two 8' sections in my pocket. a med kit.
  5. jones68

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    along with much stated before I make sure i have extra belts for every machine in the trailer. also carry a roll of toilet paper (life saver)
  6. JPsDuramax

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    I know some of this stuff has been mentioned but here we go:

    Fire extinguisher (its come in hand more than once)
    Safety triangles (DOT)
    Tire plug kit
    Fix a flat
    First aid kit
    Rain jacket and baseball hat
    Long jumper cables to reach equipment
    Safety vests
    Spark plugs and extra parts for handhelds
    Tire iron
    Tow strap
    Spare truck/trailer lights and fuses
    Grease guns and extra lubricants (in lawn trailer)
    Hydraulic fluid (when I have the skid or mini ex)
  7. Roger

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    I carry most of what has been mentioned. Some items are n/a for me (e.g. irrigation supplies). I also don't carry tire repair kits, or compressed air.

    I do carry three tool boxes of tools. These are most of all my tools. All the hand tools mentioned are covered in some of these lists. The one I don't see mentioned is a magnetic grabber. I have used it a few times to get something metal from an unreachable place. But, sockets, hammers, wrenches, Vice Grips, screw drivers, hack saw, and all that kind of stuff are in my boxes.

    The one thing I don't see mentioned is a pull-along. I have one, plus four lengths of chain and a 50 ft length of cable (rolled tight). I have used these multiple times to get my ZTR unstuck. I work myself, so can't rely on others to help.

    Last season, I did not have to make any trip back home to get something to make a minor repair. The year before, I needed one trip home to get a spare deck-belt idler for my ZTR. But, for the most part, any minor repairs are made in the field, by myself.

    Vice Grips are my best friend! Last season, I had a kill-switch wire break. A small Vice Grip was used to hold the ends together to finish the day, putting on a new connector end that evening. VG have been used often to solve a problem with temporary fix. I have a small one, two medium sized ones, one large one, and one with large, open jaws -- all in the tool boxes.
  8. herler

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    I carry most of what's been mentioned, plus ...

    I don't carry just a few mechanical tools, I carry my entire 4-drawer portable toolbox.
    It's enough to fix most of the basics, and a few to several not so basic repairs.
    But as a rule if it's going to take much more than an hour, home I go.

    4-5 of the most common spark plugs.
    3-4 of the most common belts.
    Starting Fluid
    Quart of engine oil, 2.5 gallon container of 50 / 50 ethylene-glycol / water.
    Brake fluid, P/S fluid, wd-40.

    Unfortunately, no matter what I do...
    a) I don't have enough space to carry everything I would like...
    b) Still stuff breaks, and sure as day light I don't have it on me.
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  9. yardguy28

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    in my little head I don't carry all that stuff because if its gonna take me more than 20 min to do the repair I'm either gonna finish the day with my backup mower or go home and repair it.

    most of the stuff you guys carry in your trucks I don't even keep in my shop. if a belt breaks or I need a new spark plug I'm left using my back up mower until I get one. about the only thing I keep in my truck for mowers is oil and tools to tighten nuts and bolts that come loose.
  10. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    Change your shirt and socks half way through the day and then hope nothing breaks.


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