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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by John P., Nov 28, 2004.

  1. John P.

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    I was curious what you guys do when its late in the season, and people are not having you do much landscaping. All you are doing is your normal lawn care work, and maybe some small landscape jobs. Have any of you guys got into junk removal, or odd jobs that you just need some workers and a truck for? Can anyone share different ideas for work or random things you guys have done to make a little extra cash.
  2. Palmer Lawn Care

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    My company doesn't do anything else during the winter, we just stop when the mowing season is over and all of the accounts are all cleaned up.
    Ive heard of some companys hanging christmas lights up for some extra money, so that may be worth a try if your wililng to try it out.
  3. tiedeman

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    I try to stick only to lawn/landscaping services
  4. PLI1

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    In past years I haven't done much in the winter except gain weight. We do some snow plowing, but not much. I don't want to get into that a lot because 1. you can't depend on the income and 2. If I get into it too deep, I'm afraid I would get to the point where I feel I could never leave town without worrying whats going on at home. Right now if I'm away and it snows, I have a reliable freind that takes over and I don't have to worry. Anyway one thing I have considered doing is buying rental property, doing renovations, repairs ect... during winter months and then renting out after that. I dabbled a little in that in the past but got out of it and focused only on landscaping. I'm considering this for 2 reasons. First and obviously to keep busy in winter months and second to build equity in property and in years when my body and mind get a little tired for the landscaping business, I will have income coming in from rental units and will have to rely less on landscaping to make ends meet. I have 2 freinds that do this and they do very well. One has 23 units and this provides him with plenty income and the best part is he has plenty of spare time. The other ownes a strip mall with an auto repair business and half a dozen stores attached to it. He makes his living on this property alone and also has plenty of spare time. They are both millionaires since they have owned their properties for many years and have built up lots of equity not to mention montly rental income. I'm just trying to look out for myself so I can retire at a respectable age and not worry about making ends meet in my older years.
  5. John P.

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    What about even during the season. what type of other "different" jobs will you guys take on?
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    You should take some time and read up on this recent thread....


    ....and pay close attention to my posts of course :p

    In all seriousness though, your ratios are off, it's costing you money in "dead time" because you have to leave yourself 'open' to do the work, nobody knows that better than you, and there is no time like the present to make plans to close the gap.

    You need to balance your "mowing : other services" ratio one way or the other.

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