extreem trimmer rack nightmare

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by torotorotoro, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. tyler_mott85

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    I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it. Could be enough of a difference to put all that force on the one upright, like you said.

    But it still does look like the wall thickness of their tube isn't adequate. My double will be here next week. Will probably put a couple gussets on either side to be safe after seeing this.
  2. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    I've had the xtreme rack for 3 years now, I LOVE it.

    The thing with a rack like that is, it could have been abused by employees, like shaking it or bending it. Could have been hit by a mower on the trailer and then bent back...

    I'm not totally going to rule out that the rack just failed on it's own though, metal is known to have weak spots sometimes, and welding causes the metal to become more brittle adjacent to the weld... One would assume they (the manufacturer) has to have seen this happen before, or is this the first case?
  3. Landscape Poet

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    Thanks for the info - I do not see where there racks would be any stronger...but they do have a rack for a chainsaw that locks.....been looking for that.
  4. orangemower

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    I've had my Extreme rack for 4 years and it's on it's second trailer. Never had a problem with it. I have it mounted using the enclosed trailer mounting hardware that came with it mounted to an open trailer. I'm more worried that the trimmer shaft will break as it's happened before then the rack itself breaking. I think yours broke from the way it was mounted without and bracing. I still say weld it back on, brace it up some, ditch the broken trimmers since they look beat to hell anyway and get new ones. My guess is, you'll never see this happen again if you brace it up some.
  5. cvcook

    cvcook LawnSite Member
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    Toro, what brand Sulky is in your first pic?
  6. chips17

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    I have mine set so the trimmers can wiggle. That way both trimmers can move around and are not rigid so they wont snap.
  7. TMlawncare

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    We use trimmer traps on all our trucks. Never yet had an issue. The oldest one is eleven years old now. If you have different brands of trimmers on with different diameter grips they do move a little. Never seen any real damage caused from it.
  8. torotorotoro

    torotorotoro LawnSite Senior Member
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    thank you jesus, i never thought of it that way.
  9. torotorotoro

    torotorotoro LawnSite Senior Member
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    you are right. i did reverse the shaft pins to make it faster to load and unload. mayby it had something to do with it or maybey not. i still think the cast iron is very thin, and where and how it broke right above the weld really bothers me. yeah i can weld it back together. i can add braces to strengthen it. i can only put two trimmers on it .but i paid alot of money for this three trimmer rack. i dont think it is worth taking another chance or doing all that extra work. i did enjoy using it untill it broke.
  10. torotorotoro

    torotorotoro LawnSite Senior Member
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    it is a toro tru track sulkey. it has caster wheels and works great on that 52" hydro because you can back up without stepping off.

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