extreme expansion potential in grounds maint.

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    Sometimes it just takes a big government contract for your business to really explode!!

    <img src="http://www.geocities.com/tfrontjes/BID.jpg">

    So how would you perform this service anyways?

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  2. nlminc

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    With the line about buried explosives I wouldn't touch that job without the classic Hover mower! And I would not send my best employee there also. Call George Jetsons Lawn Care.

  3. Runner

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    Pine, You can ALWAYS go over and bid the old Wurtsmith Air Force base in Oscoda! That's done by a private contractor now- and no landmines!
  4. SpringValley

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    Hey Pine, how are you going to get your mowers across the pond? When you do I have a &%$*#%& brother-in-law in Oahu I would like to send your way to run the mower and maybe a trimmer. Let us know when you bid it.

  5. GREG R

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    can you image the stress of mowing 261 acres and wondering
    when your going to go BOOM!!!!!

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    wonder how many times a year it goes out to bid when the last guy gets vaporized
  7. The last time I was in Makua Valley area the grass was so dry you only needed a blowtorch for the job! Prolly could get the miltary to loan you there flame thrower!
    Would have to use a metal detector first I suppose. At $40.00 per man hour, go figure!
    Its a real hot issue over military using sacred Hawaiian lands for practice. Just started cleaning up Kahoolawe island from years of practice.

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