Extreme Recycling

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by agrostis, Dec 31, 2011.

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    They took 50' of 1"L and 40' of 3/4"L from my yard back in November.
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    Doing oddball jobs this time of the year.

    My job note was- This house has been vacant for 4 months. They can't get water to work at all in the house . The water district replaced the meter 2 months ago and the reading is still at .02 so start here

    After a bunch of exploration I found out this house had a crawl space and access to the crawl space in a very small hatch outside the house. There was 2' of space thickness so I was on my stomach.

    I find the Shut off! I turn it on and get blasted with water! *Quickly turns off*
    I start looking around and come to find out a crackhead theif got in here and took probably about 75% of the copper piping in here.. He freaking demolished the entire thing... Rip Tear Shread I say! Everything just had been twisted around.

    I felt bad for the homeowner- He's hoping to get a plumber in with in a day or 2.
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    Funny this thread shows up, yesterday I was driving to the dump which is in an ehh part of town and I passed a boarded up 3 floor house and on all the boards the owner painted "copper all gone." I found this to be creative but also a good idea and mainly I found it very sad that people have to do that.
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    When I went to the recycling center the other day with a load of iron I felt like I was buying a house with all the paper work involved.

    Shocked at the $400 bucks I got for a trailer of iron.
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    I finally got around to dropping my 2 year collection brass off yesterday. Had about 300 pounds and walked out with a little over $600. I was surprised at how much it was worth.
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    was it mixed brass and copper?
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    Mine was all brass; yellow, red and white separated out.

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