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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Strongmd, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Strongmd

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    I highly suggest you think twice before buying any product by X-treme Vac or ODB (Old Dominion Brush Company)! I purchased one of their leaf vacuums last fall and had one issue after another. The biggest issue being that the area/voids around the impeller, would constantly fill-up with debris to the point that it would impede the impeller and shut-down. The issue began as soon as we started using the machine. I spoke with Rick Timmerman of ODB many times. We tried many different things to alleviate the problem. Rick Timmerman & John Hubbard of ODB actually came up to New England and stayed overnight, trying to diagnose and remedy the problem. They couldn't. So, they took my vac back to Virginia for a few months over the winter to try and figure it out. Keep in mind, Rick Timmerman told me all along that they would take care of me, to which I always replied something along these lines: "I appreciate your attention to this and I don't mind being a guinea pig for these tweaks, provided that in the end, if I'm still not satisfied with the performance of this thing, you'll take it back." And he always agreed. So, I get my vac back this past spring. As many of you know, the leaves are much, much drier in the spring, practically crispy. My vac was still weak, bogging down, and clogging. I couldn't believe it. I have two other vacs made by giant vac that have just slightly less horsepower but work much, much better.

    I told Rick that even after their adjustments to the machine, it's still horrible and I definitely don't want it. He gets back to me and basically offers to take back my machine for $3,000. I paid $6,500 for it!!!!!!! and I spent probably 40 hours adjusting it myself and probably only got the equivalent of one day of revenue out of it last fall! I would have gotten 25 days of vacuuming out of a working machine! Fortunately, we usually run 2 leaf vacs in the fall, so I took care of the important stuff, but I definitely lost out completely on a lot of business.

    I told Rick that I'd settle for $5,000 or the cost of a new 25hp giant vac, and they refused. I've also spoken with the owner of ODB, Duke, and didn't get anywhere with him. I think the fact that I'm willing to compromise at all is generous and think they're crazy for not meeting me at $5,000. We're talking very small dollars here for a fairly large company that initially owned up to this POS vac and then went back on their word!

    There's more to the story than what's here that I'd be happy to tell.
    Like 4 seized choke cables, battery that was never charging off the engine, etc. etc.

    I can be reached anytime at 978-475-0003.
  2. KTO Enterprises

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    Wow thats crummy of a company to not stand by their equipment better than that.
  3. Strongmd

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    I know. It's one thing to have a product problem, it happens, but it's another thing entirely not to do the right thing.
  4. Bunton Guy

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    Man o man...I was just looking into buying one of their 30+hp diesel units with the cummins engine. I hope they got their act together.
  5. Runner

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    Well? Thanks for letting everyone know...it is not the first time a product review such as this has been brought to the attention of thousands and thousands of readers. Reputation is EVERYTHING in this business. And with fall coming on, and more people growing, many threads and posts will be made and read on this very subject. Now,...you can shoot an email off to these guys, include a link to this thread, see if they have any different thoughts than to go back on their word.
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    Did you ever buy the 30H.P. leaf vac? if so how is it working ?i have been looking for about a year now and i cant make up my mind what i want so any help would be good.:usflag:
  7. BrunoT

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    Under $200

  8. mybowtie

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    LOL... dont know where you are located, but a mulch kit wont do you much good on leaves around my area. No way could u handle the volume of leaves with a mulcher
  9. bonzo1012

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    Not his fault that you didnt buy a complete unit. Dont knock such a great product that you made your own drastic changes to. I saw the video, what did you expect to happen with that piece of sh@! elbow you put on their. The machine didnt have enough time to keep up with the leaves. And it gets its power from the length of the intake tube. I have the same model except I bought a complete unit and the thing rips. I can drive while someone else is swinging the intake for street side pickup wet leaves not a problem. I'm not out there raking and shoveling leaves into it like a fool. Unless I cant get them to the street then I make a pile and back up, but even then I still cant keep up with the power of this machine. I highly recommend this vac better than giant vac, billy goat, or little wonder.
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