eye for eye,tooth fro tooth vs let bygones be bygones

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allenh60, Jun 4, 2005.

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    I'm gonna' try this again. I thought I posted this same post this morning but now I can't find it anywhere. I'm still learning how to get around on here. Ok, here's the situation, I worked for this lady about 2 years ago as side work. She has a very large front and back yard, Azalea bushes all the way around her house that are very big, a little creek that goes from the road all the way to the back of the house. She used to hire me to trim her bushes inwhich I hated. Azaleas mak me itch and hers had to be cut down about 3 feet. Then she hired me to clean out her creek which was terribly over grown with weeds and smelled like sewage. I was over there every weekend for about a year or so. Had a real good customer relation ship with her. Now at the time I had a suspended drivers license so I was riding around my neighborhood on a riding laen mower pulling a trailer with a push mower etc. on it. After doing her crap work for about a year, her lawn care people quit her and went comercial. So I put a bid on her property at the same price she said she was paying them, but I even offered to do more work. All they did was mow. I offered to keep it mowed, trimmed, everything at the same price. Then I found out she hired someone else over me at the same price, just to mow. I don't get it. So that pissed me off. Then the next time she called me wanting me to do her crap work again. I told her I see she hired another landscape company, why don't she get them to clean the creek and trim her bushes. That was the last I heard out of her for about 2 years until yesterday. She left a message asking me if I were interested in doing some side work. I called her back and got her machine and told her I would trim her busshes for $100.00 and the only way I would clean her creek is with a weed eater and if that's what she wants, call me to discuss a price. Well I have'nt heard form her. But in that situation would yall have called her back at all?
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    I would have called her back to thank her for thinking of me and to remind her that I no longer do that kind of work.
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    Agreed... she thinks you only can handle that kind of work so to heck with her unless you need the money then take your hat in hand bend over and let her give it to you again.

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