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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bobbygedd, Apr 11, 2004.

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    in new jersey, if stopped by the d.e.p., we must have an eye wash station(amoung a million other things) if applying chemicals. it must be readily accesible if i get something in my eyes, i have to be able to find it and use it without seeing. rediculous? i do believe so. what are some things that you guys have to have where u live? i think nj is going waaaay overboard, and i don't think the motivating factor is safety, i think it is revenue. the more laws, the more tickets, the more money. rediculous
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    I dont have the liscense here but I have been asking the farmers that do have it some ????. That was a question I had asked them and bottle water will pass for eye wash here in va
  3. bobbygedd

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    yea i tried to show him i had a quart bottle of coors lite, he wouldn't buy it. it's getting so rediculous. you can get a fine for anything and everything. the way the flag stands up on the lawn, not having your number printed on the flag, not putting the flag down before you apply, getting a few pellets in the street, and now the eyewash thing? the way i see it, they are MY EYES, if i want to burn them out of my skull, that's my business! and believe me, this does not help catch or intimidate the illegals, it's just generating income by targeting the licensed guys. it's a damn crime. if they truly wanted to catch the wrong doers, they would be out on saturday and sunday, not bothering me about a freakin bottle of eyewash
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    If you have a local First Aid Industrial supplier close by or a Graniger store, they will have portable eye wash stations. Basically a bottle of saline soultion, 32oz is the minium to have to wash out eyes until medical care can arrive or be seen.

    Let your employees know where it's at, show them how to use it and document that they have been trained on this.

    And of course put it where it can be easily accessable, along with the first aid kit and emergency numbers.

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