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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LawnFactory, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. LawnFactory

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    Hello all,

    I just purchased a Ford f 350 Sd with an EZ- Dumper in the bed. It says the capacity is 6000 lbs. How do you know what Mulch , Gravel, Sand weigh in per Cubis Yard?? Any one with help on this question ?

    thank you and happy Mowing,
  2. jimslawns

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    my ez dump will dump 2.25 Tons, No problems with mulch no matter how much, gravel can be difficult, 3 yds of dirt is very feasible. I do not think it will 6 K. I know mine wouldn't w/o some help!
  3. Krimick

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    I have an EZ dumper in my GMC 3500 so I'll give you what I use as my own guidelines.

    The biggest factor is going to be how wet the material you are carrying is. With stone/gravel, I count 1 yard as 1 tonne. It's not exact but is close enough to be a good approx. measurement. When I go to the quarry on a dry day I will get 2.3 tonne and that is almost exactly 2 cu. yards (limestone screenings being the material) On a wet day, that same weight may only be 1.5 cu yards.

    Same goes for topsoil.......I will NEVER carry 3 yards of topsoil in my truck.....too heavy I do often carry 3 yards of Triple Mix but it is much lighter. Mulch is also lighter than topsoil and I do carry 3 yards of that.

    3 way mix/compost --- 3 yards if dry, 2 yards if moist
    All limestone gravel --- never more than 2.3 yards for myself
    ScreenedTopsoil --- same as gravel

    Hopefully that was of some help to you. I have had my dumper for 2 seasons now and it has been a great time saver. I have built sides on it and for grass and leaves, I regularly carry 4 cu yards

    One more thing.....if you go to dump soil and it isn't really dry..........take a rake!! Cause it never wants to slide out and you'll need to give it a little pull.
  4. Kate Butler

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    There's a little (literally, little) book called Pocket Ref that is the most incredibly comprehensive compilation of statistics for damn near everything on the planet.

    The section I use the most is called WEIGHTS OF MATERIALS and has information on hundreds of substances like soil, sand (wet or dry), stone (by type), etc.. Including (for each one) specific gravity, lbs. per cu.ft., lbs. per cu.yd., kgs.per cu.meter (for all you non-USA folks), and angle of repose (I'm guessing thats how steep an angle a pile of it makes - but I'm only guessing).

    The editor is Thomas J. Glover and publisher is Sequois out of Littleton, Colorado. You should have one in every vehicle (I had to get mine out of my rig to post this info). They cost 12 or so dollars each and a good hardware store is likely to have 'em. Also Harbor Freight stores; I mail ordered mine (it's so old, it's a first edition) and send 'em as gifts to friends in the trade (actually ANY trade would appreciate one).

    Disclaimer: I'm not shilling for the book or it's publisher (although I wouldn't mind if they'd send me a case), I just believe it's an indispensible, compact way of having a whole helluva lot of info at your fingertips.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    The biggest thing is don't overload the truck if you start getting 1000lbs over gvw better stop. The problem with the slip in dump boxes is you have extra weight of the dump system plus your P/U box. Most of them usually weigh around 1000lbs so theres 1000lbs added to your tare weight then subtract your gvw. I figure your tare will be around 8000lbs if the truck is a dually the gvw will be around 11,000lbs it will give you a 3000lb payload at most. That will give you a heavy yard capacity.
  6. greywynd

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    Best bet is to actually go to a scale and check the weights. My '89 F350 Diesel weighed 6000 lbs before I added the dump box, 6600 lbs after. (Don't forget, you lose the weight of the stock tailgate, and in my case, an old style 5th wheel hitch also came out). I use a skid steer with a 1/2 yard bucket for loading, 1 & 1/2 yards is a nice load (go anywhere) of mix/topsoil, about 1 &1/4 for gravel/stone. If I'm staying close, I'll put 2-2&1/2 yards in. I rarely haul mulch, can't help you there, but I would think that most trucks would haul whatever fits.

    BEAVIS LawnSite Member
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    hehehehehe............another thread with the word dump in here....hehehehe...this site rules!!! hehehehehe :D :waving: :)
  8. StealthDT

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    What diameter cylinder are they using on EZ-dumpers?
  9. LawnFactory

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    Thanks for all the replies. Now back to cutting and hauling
  10. scottishmaximus

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    My ez dumper is rated for 6000 pounds. I believe this is for a evenly spread load. I have had it raise about two feet and then stop due to too much weight. This was with 5 yards of mulch and it also happened with 2 yards of top soil. Take a little off and it's fine. I once hauled 3600 pounds of gravel and it dumped it fine. the actual weights are here: http://www.truckview.com/weights_of_materials.htm

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