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  1. iski3d

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    Has anyone had experience with using an ez-dumper dump insert on a pickup truck? How did you like it?
  2. LJ lawn

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    are you are referring specifically to the brand "ez-dumper"? i bought a DEL hydraulics unit for my pickup, theirs is called the little tipster.this one has a teliscoping hydraulic piston mounted in the front of the dump bed. the "ez dump"model has a scissor -type lift setup (like a scissor jack) mounted under the center of the dump bed.i spoke to a few people who have the ez dump model and didn't like it too much (slow to lift a heavy load and kind of shakey when fully lifted)i would look into either the DEL or a truck -craft model.i 've been using mine for the whole season and it's been working fine.check ot their website at: www.delhydraulics.com
  3. No!! but I do know it has been discussed in the truck forum.

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    Have not used the Ez dumper myself , I have a Truck Kraft.. and I love it.. It's a little small now, but when I got it it was more than enough... It has alot of power to dump .. Ive had 2 yds of QP in that thing and lifted with no prob...

    My friend has an ez dumper and he likes it .. has some real hard use on it and has had no problems with it either..

    Truck craft has a few nice options though.. They have an aluminum version , which is only like 400 lbs... and they also have a sander/salter attachment that replaces the tailgate and turns the whole bed into a spreader...
  5. GLS

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    My uncle had one for a couple years, but got rid of it. It was placed in the existing bed. I don't think he liked it much because it didn't hold much, was slow, and wasn't as productive as others. If I was to get a dump bed, I would go with replacing the existing bed, but an ez dumper is probably a heck of a lot easier than replacing the bed.
  6. turfman99

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    I have 2 EZ dumps. They work great for maintenance.

    You recover your cost in about 18 months in the labor saving and then being able to resell that labor. Much less time spent and a lot easier on the back.
  7. lennonpaul

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    It s a good little dumper, i added four foot sides to it and it can tackle anything, though the seals r leaking in hydraulic cylinder, i told ezdumper and they were surprised, i had it for less then a year and they said theyd replace it for free they said they should last years with out seal probs, i guess i proved them wrong. Im not sure if it was defective or i tortured the crap out of it who knows but i have no real complaints besides the leak.
  8. ohiolawnguy

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    we have an ez-dumper trailer and it works great. had to replace the battery on it recently , but that is t be expected.
  9. Turfdude

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    These are great add-ons for p/u trucks. I would recommend at least a 3/4 ton or preferably a 1-ton. Many guys use these for debris and small mulch jobs and use a true 1ton+ dump for soil, stone and larger amounts of mulch where weight becomes a problem

  10. Highpoint

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    We've got one permantly mounted in place of the factory bed on a 1989 Ford F250, 2wd, 6 cyl, 5 spd. This works pretty well. Truck handles the weight just fine. We'll post pics soon.

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